Update to: Samsung SSSP

SSSP v 0.4

New features:

  • Added live view support
  • Display banner when USB devices are plugged in/out
  • Added video/timeline mute support for SSSP3 devices



  • Display progress with two decimal places on status screen
  • Improved reliability of external storage support
  • Fixed external storage support for DM-D/DH-D models
  • Fixed campaign playback continuity upon reboot
  • Fixed invalid storage status not being displayed upon reboot
  • Added a watchdog to cancel pending downloads if stale for too long
  • Fixed devices being detached after change the wifi network
  • Fixed iframe caused memory leak with app-only campaigns
  • Fixed working hours behavior on SSSP3 devices
  • Fixed wrong external storage size/usage report
  • Fixed landscape status screen resolution
  • Fixed capability report on auth screen
  • Fixed full storage detection issue
  • Added report progress at 1% steps for large files (20MB+)
  • Added reporting for region's triggered playback errors to the server
  • Added support for non-scaled (HD) live view
  • Fixed campaign not being updated if necessary when it was the only campaign being played
  • Enabled volume keys to set volume (silent, no OSD)
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