Even Easier Campaign Creation with New Timeline Editor!

Our focus when we started OnSign TV was to make campaign creation as easy as possible. We tried to make something intuitive, that could be controlled with drag-and-drop operations, right in your browser. But some details on the original implementation – such 30-item limit per timeline – fell a little short on our ideals.

We worked hard to remove those limitations and push the boundaries of what's possible to do in the browser. Now we have something really special: OnSignTV's new timeline editor.

We've added a slider you can use to zoom the timeline in and out, so even if your timeline is really long you can still get an overview of how things will fit in your campaign.

You can now inspect your files by clicking on them: this will show a popover containing all relevant information about it, including the duration if the file is a video. This allows you to manually set its duration, without dragging the resize handle on the ruler..

By the way, when dropping a video in a timeline it will expand to match the video's duration, so there is no need to see the popover if you don't want to.

We think this new timeline provides much more precision and a better experience overall when creating campaigns, and hope you think that too!

Eduardo Felipe, Project Manager. OnSign TV

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