Add restriction to campaign within playlist

This tutorial will show how to add a restriction to a campaign within a playlist. It is different than adding restrictions to a campaign that will apply for all players. You can also set a campaign restriction for a specific player.
  1. Click on “Playlist” tab on you OnSign TV account.
  2. Select a playlist.
  3. campaign playlisttab
  4. At the campaign loop box, place the mouse over the campaign you want to add a restriction. A white bar will roll up. Click on the edit icon.
  5. restriction to campaign mouse over
  6. Hit “Add Restriction”.
  7. add restriction mode
  8. Fill the restriction settings. You can set when and where the campaign will play. When you are finish, you can apply the changes to all of this campaign's copy or just hit "Apply" if the restriction is solely for this isntance. .
  9. fill restrictions
  10. Click on “Apply Changes”. Click on the right icons to edit or remove the restrictions settings.
  11. apply restrictions changes
  12. Each restricted campaign will display a clock icon at the bottom-left corner. The settings just apply to the campaign you have edited, even if the campaign is duplicated in the playlist.
  13. restricted campaign