Adjust Mac settings for video wall

Change these display settings to exhibit campaigns on entire video walls on Mac OSX

After building your video wall on Mac OSX system, you still need to adjust computer settings so the campaigns are displayed through all the screens. Follow the instructions below and your will have your video wall up and running in no time:
  1. Click on Settings icon on your desktop and select “Displays”.
  2. 1. Mac settings direction
  3. Click on “Arrangement” top tab. Uncheck the option “Mirror display”.
  4. 2. uncheck mirror display
  5. Back to the desktop, click on “Settings” and now hit “Mission control”.
  6. 3. Mac mission control
  7. Unmark “Display have separate spaces”.
  8. 4. uncheck display have separate spaces
  9. Next time you open OnSign TV app, right-click and hit “Extended fullscreen - Multi monitor”. The campaign will be expanded to the whole video wall setup.
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