Create a campaign playlist

Instead of publishing campaigns to players one by one, you can gather campaigns and publish them all at once.

A campaign playlist makes campaign’s publishing and ordering much easier.Learn how to create them:

  1. Click on “Playlist” on your OnSign TV account homepage. This button is on the right of “Campaign” tab.
  2. Hit “Create Campaign Playlist” button on the top-right corner.
  3. Give the playlist a name. Note that you can check the display duration on the bottom of this box after you add campaigns to the playlist.
  4. Scroll down and select the campaigns you want to assemble on the Campaigns box on the left. You just need to drag them to the blank field on the right. As you drag the campaigns, a number will appear behind the selected campaign. This is the display order. As you drag more campaigns, a arrow will show the loop within the playlist.

    There are many other campaign management options for playlist you can benefit. Learn more about campaign multiplication, restriction and category distribution.
  5. drag campaign playlisy
  6. Hit “Save and Publish” on the page's top-right corner when you are done setting all campaigns to the playlist. As you click, the playlist is saved to your library.