Create complex Playlists

In this tutorial, we are going to explore another usage of Playlist which, combined with Campaign Cycling, will make your digital signage even more dynamic.

You already know the benefits of publishing Playlists instead of Campaigns separately to a Player and how to create them. You simply group Campaigns into the desired loop. You can also build complex Playlists containing other Playlists. By inserting Playlists instead of Campaigns, you make campaign management simpler as you create longer loops with less items. This way, you can have a better overview of what the content in a certain player is.

  1. In your OnSign TV account, a add a new “Playlist”.
  2. Fill out the basic details, such as Name and Category. Campaign Cycling is optional.
  3. Now scroll down. Your content will be listed in the left box. Click on the Playlist folder. Here it pays off saving all of your Playlists into the Playlist folder. list of playlists
  4. As you select the folder, your playlists will be shown. Drag and drop them to the loop on the right. complex playlists loop
  5. Click on “Save and Publish” at the top of the page. Your complex Playlist will be listed in the Playlist folder in your content library.