Create interactive campaigns

Let your customers fully engage with the screens by creating interactive campaigns.


This feature turns screen areas clickable, revealing hidden content or leading to another campaign. By adding interactivity, clients are able to explore the campaign’s content as they want in the order they want it.

There are several ways of employing interactivity on campaigns. On a restaurant, for instance, a promotion advertising banner can lead to further details - price, conditions, frequency and so on - on the main screen area.

Interactive-banner-campaign To learn how to apply interactivity, try making the campaign shown above by repeating the following steps. Afterwards, you will be able to implement it on your own campaign idea. Download all required files and hands on!
  1. Create a new campaign on your OnSign TV account. Select a two-zone preset layout.
  2. screen layout
  3. Place three images on the larger area. Drag two bar apps and the "Promotion banner" to the bottom area.
  4. filled timeline 2
  5. Afterwards, just upload the image you want to show when the person click on the screen. In this tutorial's case, it is "more info promotion" image. Do not place it on the campaign yet.
  6. Hit “Save and Publish”.
  7. On the loaded page, select “Interactivity” at the sidebar menu.
  8. interactivity on side bar menu 2
  9. Click on “Add Interaction” button at the header. The panel with all interaction settings will be displayed on the screen. Check out each field function:
  10. campaing interactivity panel
    • What: Define what the audience have to do in order to reveal the content. It can be either touching the screen or pressing a key.
    • Which one: Specify which region the person need to click to trigger the action. If you choose to trigger the campaign by pressing a key, set which key will do it.
    • Action: Define what is going to happen when the person interact with the screen. You can either play another campaign or replace a screen zone with another media. In both cases, you need to choose a destination.
    • Important: In case you choose to play another campaign, there is no need to publish to the player as it will be downloaded automatically.

    • Destination: For "Replace", set where the file will be displayed after the user touches the screen ("Region 2", for instance). For "Play", choose which campaign will play next.
    • When playing: This field works as a filter for the action. If you let “any media”, anytime you click the screen area, the action will be carried out (a campaign will playback or a file will appear on the area you set as "destination"). Change this field if you want the action to be performed just when a specific media is playing.
    • With media: select the file that should appear on the destination you set after the interaction. You can choose any media format.
  11. For this tutorial purpose, fill the settings as below:
  12. interactivity fields filled 5
    • What: Touch region
    • Which one: Region 2
    • Action: Replace
    • Destination: Region 1
    • When playing: Promotion banner.png
    • With media: More info promotion.png
    • Duration: 10s
  13. Click on the check mark to the left and then hit “Save changes”.
  14. Click on “Publish” on the left menu. Publish the campaign to a player and test the interactivity.