How to add files, media and apps into a playlist

Pack all files into a playlist loop!

Playlists are a great way for organizing and packaging your content. Once your playlist is created, they can be published to a single player, or a group of players.

A playlist can be built using:

  1. Media files or Apps
  2. Campaigns
  3. Other pre-existing playlists

Important: Media files and Apps directly added to the playlist will always play using full screen.


Check out how to organize files into playlists:

  1. On your OnSign TV account, select “Playlists” within the Campaign tab.
  2. Hit “+Create Playlist”.
  3. Fill in the playlist basic info like Playlist Name, Category, tags and cycling
  4. Use the left box to either select: Campaigns, Playlists, or content media files (third icon Content).
  5. Drag the selected file, or app into the playlist and move them around for changing the sorting order.
    • Click on the gear icon to adjust the display duration for images, apps and other files.
    • Video files are set to full length duration. In case you wish to modify the duration, you can also adjust it by hitting the gear icon.
  6. Click on “Save and Publish”.
  7. Optional - Publish the new created playlist to a player, or group of players

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