How to create user groups

Give common permissions to multiple users in bulk.

If there are campaigns or players to which all users should have permission to edit, publish or delete, bring all users into a group and allow them all to perform the action. This will save you a couple of minutes as you don’t need to adjust the same setting for different people over and over again. Check out instructions below:

  1. Click on your Username on the top right corner.
  2. Select “Shared Accounts” on the left menu.
  3. If you wish to add more users before doing a group, check out how to create additional accounts.
  4. Click on “Group” tab at the top of the page.
  5. Name the group, ideally adding the organization and the function which the users will perform on signage on this group (i.e. design, publishers, editors, etc).
  6. Select all users.
  7. Check the actions the users will be able to perform.
  8. Hit save.

Now all users evenly will be able to perform the actions you have enabled!

If they were recently added users, they will be able to create campaigns, but won’t view content created previously on the platform. In this case, you can also give permissions so users will be able to edit existing campaign - learn how to add campaigns and player permissions to groups.