HDMI-in – How to display live TV

Now you can connect any video source to your player using a player that supports HDMI input!


The HDMI-in App is a simple yet powerful feature that lets you present in fullscreen, or into a specific screen area any video source like a live TV receiver, or cable box, security camera, DVD, video games and more!
Follow these steps to learn how to configure your HDMI-in App:
  1. On your App Gallery (How to Add Apps) you will look for the App that enables you to use this function.
  2. Select “Other” category and click on HDMI Input app. If you can’t find it, ask our team through support@onsign.tv to enable the app in your account.
  3. Setup HDMI input app and save
  4. Name the app and select the HDMI input in case your media player has more than one.
    • Save the app.
That’s all you need to display live TV on your campaign! Just add the app to your campaign timeline. You can set it to a screen division or leave it full screen. NOTE: In case you playback HDMI-input video with surrounding content, make sure you display a single video at a time. Some players don’t handle multiple video sources well. wrong usage of video There may be more video sources on the timeline, but playbacked separately. right video usage
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