How to impersonate a user’s account

Impersonation is a tool offered on OnSign TV to have access to the user's account and assist when needing support.

In the case the user reports a Campaign playback error or a faulty Player, you can check their account without the need of a password and analyse the problem quickly.

  1. Click on the “Orgs” tab in your customized digital signage platform.
    1. enter custom website and hit accounts
  2. Find the user on the list and click on the "Settings" icon. Hit, then, “Impersonate”.
    1. impersonate button
  3. The new page will display the user’s account, with all Campaigns, Players and settings he has set up.

    2. impersonated account

    Remember that any action you perform during Impersonation is actually going to modify the user’s digital signage operation. So be careful. Do not delete Campaigns, nor remove Players.

  4. To return to your own account, click on the user’s username on the bottom-left corner, then hit “Exit User Impersonation”.
    3. exit user impersonation