How to remotely view player

You can check on OnSign TV website what is playing on your screen at this very second.


You not only get to know which campaign is being displayed at your monitor, but you can also see which content from the campaign is playing. Find out how!

  1. On your OnSign TV account, click on the players tab at the top of the page.
  2. Select which player you want to preview.
  3. select player for remote view
  4. You will already be able to see in the loaded page which campaign is being playback (see image below), but we want to go further than that. Click on “Remote view” on the menu.
  5. view what is now playing
  6. The new page will load the monitor image. It might take a few seconds for it to load. The image is update every seconds so you can keep track of the campaign.
  7. remote view 2

In case you have set a portrait campaign, you can click on “Rotate Screen” to see remote view properly.

rotate remote screen viewer 1