How to remove accounts

Delete users from your account list in case of ongoing non-payment or subscription cancellation.

  1. In your customized digital signage platform, click on the “Orgs” tab on the left of the page.
    1. enter custom website and hit accounts
  2. Look for the user on this list and check the account by clicking on the box in front of it.
  3. Hit the "Remove" button which appears on the header after selecting the user.
    1. remove button
  4. A pop-up window will request confirmation.
    2. confirmation button
  5. The user is successfully removed from your platform!
    3. succesfully deleted

The user won’t be able to access their account any more and any content is erased. Nothing will be displayed on their screens.

4. user what will appear

In case you only temporarily want to prevent the user from accessing the platform, try merely blocking the account instead in expectation of a mutual solution.