How to use Calendar App

Do you want people to keep track of events such as meetings and birthdays? Use this application to display daily, weekly or monthly events.

Social Events App - With Animation
  1. On your OnSign TV account, select the Content tab.
  2. Click on Add app and select Meeting Room & Calendar on the pop-up window.
  3. Pick “Calendar app”. Fill all the options according to your preferences:
  4. Form Events App
    • Title: This title will appear on the top left corner of your app. You can name the events, such as “Birthdays”, “Workshops”, “Meetings” or “Conference”.
    • Enter the web address of your iCal file: Your events are synchronized based on a iCal calendar. This file format is supported by a large number of products, including Apple and Google. In this field, you need to provide the URL from the calendar. Check out this tutorial to learn how to export your google calendar.
    • Display calendar events for: Choose whether you want to display the events from a single day, a week or a month.
      Mark “Show Past Events” option to display events that already ended. Mind that if you select this option in calendar with many events in a row, probably the current events won’t be displayed. We recommend using this option with daily period, but avoid it in weekly and monthly frequencies.
      If you select “Month” or “Week”, mark “Present events broken down on smaller period” to display events according to the days of the week (if you select to present week events) or by week (if you select to present month ones). If you don’t check this option, only the five first events will be displayed.
    • Language: Choose in which language the periods and other app default text will be displayed.
    • Show time: Select this option if the event time matters.
    • Events to be shown: You can set up to 10 events in case you have selected the previous option. If not, the maximum number grows to 16.
    • Calendar sync frequency: Define the frequency, in minutes, that the app will look for updates on the calendar.
    • Cycling time interval: If you have choosen for displaying events from the entire week or month and have enabled “Breakdown” option, this is the field in which you define how many seconds each week or day events are shown on the screen.
    • Calendar timeout: In case your device goes offline and cannot access your calendar, you can set an expiration time. For instance, if you write here 60 minutes, after this time is past the calendar won’t be displayed anymore. Instead, a custom message will be displayed to make people aware the calendar is unavailable (define text to be presented on the field below). This is a useful option if you have a flexible agenda in which new events come up any time or are cancelled often.
  5. Afterwards you need to setup the app layout, like image and background color. For this app, you can also choose if you want the entrance animation, in which the events slide from right to left when the app comes into the screen. You can also remove the calendar icon on the left of the screen by unmarking “Show icon”.
    Check out an example of a customized background image app without icon and animation:
  6. Calendar Events App - Without Animation
  7. Preview the app and modify if needed. At last, click on “Save”.