How to use Media Cycling app

Display different media in each new campaign loop

Media cycling is a powerful app that allows you to display different content each time the campaign begins. Combine useful information with this app to provide an entertaining campaign and avoid bothering the audience. Learn how to use this app below:

  1. To setup the Media Cycling App, you will find it on the App Gallery (How to Add Apps).
  2. A new window will open. You will find the “Media Cycling App” within “Web & Media” category on the top menu.
  3. Selected media
  4. Name the app and insert the media files’ name you have already uploaded to your account. Once you place the cursor on the blank, a list with all media available will be shown.
  5. 2. select media
  6. Select the items you want to cycle on the campaign. Save the app by clicking on the orange button below.
  7. Selected media
  8. Place the app on your timeline and adjust the lenght. Keep in mind that if you have added a video file to the media cycling app, it will be playbacked for as long as you have set it on the timeline.
  9. 4. media cycling on timeline

    For this tutorial, we have inserted four different photos to the media cycling app. It means this very campaign will be displayed on the screen four times differentely, as each new loop will display a single image!

  10. Save the campaign and enjoy it at your screen!