How to use timeline

The timeline is your digital signage stage! Master this tool in a few seconds

Access your campaign page and click on the button “Create Campaign”. The timeline is right under the Screen Layout and is the central point of your campaign, showing how many medias and apps you are displaying simultaneously, for how long and how. Learn the main usages of this tool.

  • Determine length of campaign: Right above the rules you can set how many seconds the campaign should last. Add the seconds on "Manual Duration".
    Alternatively, you can select "Automatic Duration", so the timeline length will expand everytime you add a new item to it.
  • timeline change duration
  • Complete media sequence: Drag and drop items from your files and apps to your timeline so they can be viewed by your audience.
  • change item properties
  • Adjust media and apps display: Hold on the bar in the end of each item and drag it to shorten or making it longer. You can also click once over the item to open a dialog with length and other settings, such as ken burn for photos and editing for apps.
  • Insert audiotrack: Select "Enable" to create a new area on the timeline where you can insert songs for as long as your campaign lasts.
  • audiotrack on
  • Mute audiotracks: If you bring videos into the timeline, make sure their sound won’t come out or overlap another layer of sound by clicking on the speaker icon beside each layer and marking it mute.
  • block audiotrack from layer
  • Lock layer: If you are already done setting content in a layer, lock it before editing the following one to make sure you won’t edit it by mistake. It also prevent Shared Accounts who have access to this campaign editing it.
  • block layer on timeline