Adjust number of player licenses

If your current OnSign TV subscription doesn’t meet your demands anymore, you can increase or decrease the number of player licenses through your account in a few steps. Check it out:
  1. Click on your username on OnSign TV account home page top-right corner, and then on “Subscription” at the drop-down menu.

  2. Hit “Adjust your Subscription” button at the top-right corner.

  3. On the new loaded page, your current subscription is shown on the left. Adjust the number of players you want to add on the right. As you increase the amount of players, the value you will have to pay the current and following months will be displayed under “Payment”. For the current month, you will only be charged for the player’s usage on remaining days. There is discount for subscriptions with more than 20 players. Check OnSign TV pricing.

    You cannot have more active players associated to your account than your subscription allows. If you wish to decrease your player licenses, disconnect the players from your account beforehand. For example: Delete three players if you want to subscribe to 7 licenses from now on instead of 10. If you don't know how to remove players, check out this tutorial.

  4. Click on your prefered paying method.

  5. Don’t leave the page until you have filled all payment information, or else your purchase won’t be concluded.

    Choose between:

    • Credit card: Fill your card info and hit “Check out” on the bottom of the page

    • Paypal: You’ll be redirected to paypal website. Login or create a new account. Fill your information and confirm payment.

  6. Now all is set for publishing campaigns to your new players!