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Installing OnSign TV using BSN.cloud

The BSN.cloud is a free service provided by BrightSign for helping on the deployment and remote player management.   Using the BSN.cloud in combination with OnSign TV you can:
  • Install OnSign TV Player into BrightSign devices remotely
  • Remotely update the BrightSign player firmware
  • Get remote player screenshots. You can even see the OnSign TV paring code before getting the player connected to OnSign TV
  • Remotely Reboot the player
  • Remotely factory reset the player while maintaining OnSing TV installed
  • Remotely format the SD card
  • Remotely test and change network settings
  • Get additional debugging logs, including the option to browse SD Card files
  Before moving forward, make sure:
  • The player network is configured and connected to the internet either through ethernet or WiFi
  • The BrightSign player is running a firmware that is 8.0.119 or newer
  • If you have both topics above, the player will display the bsn.cloud activation code after booting
  • In case you don’t get the activation code, you can try a factory reset before starting the process
  Login to BSN.clound The BSN.cloud can be accessed at this URL. https://bsn.cloud . On the first access to the page, it will show you the screen like this.
  • Check the box “Don’t show this again” so next time you will go directly to the login
  • Click on “Continue in Browser” at the bottom of the page
Now you will be prompted with BSN.cloud login. Create a user in case you don’t have one and log in to your account.   Creating a player setup profile Before connecting a player to your BSN.cloud, you should first create a “Default Player Setting Profile”.  These settings will be used by all deployed players.bsn.cloud device setup For doing this, connect to your BSN.cloud account and go to Admin -> “Device Setup“ Now, configure the three parameters below.  
  • Package name: Default Setup (Configure this item exactly as described see note below)
  • Device name: Default device
  • Partner Application: OnSign
  Note: It is VERY important to name the package “Default Setup”, so all created devices will be created using these settings. Otherwise, you will have to go later to provisioned devices and apply Apply the OnSign TV device setup profile to your connected BSN.cloud players.   Connecting the player to BSN.cloud The final step is actually connecting the BrightSign Player to BSN.cloud. For this go to:
  1. Admin -> “Device Activation
  2. Read the code that is presented at your player screen
  3. Enter the activation code and submit
Once you press the submit button the player will start to download and install the OnSign TV software .   Just wait until the player finishes the process. Don't worry as the device will go through some reboots and the whole process should take about minutes.   Note: If you can’t see the activation code at your screen please make sure:
  • You are running a firmware that is 8.0.119 or newer.
  • Make sure your player is connected to the internet
  • Consider formatting the SD card to ensure there is nothing running on the player and factory reset the device
  Now the BrightSign player is connected to BSN.cloud and has OnSign TV installed ready to go!