Make app’s background transparent

Each OnSign TV app is customazible in different levels. Some of them offer, besides the colour options, the opacity bar. Set app’s background transparent or less opaque in order to show content from the layer underneath.

  1. On your OnSign TV account, go to “Apps” tab and click on “Add App”.
  2. app direction
  3. Select an app from the pop-up window. The following apps have the opacity bar enabled:
    • Clock: Analog round clock, square clock, event countdown, holiday clock, multicity clocks (both square and round version), simple clock and time elapsed.
    • Newsfeed: Configurable RSS news, flexible news ticker, RSS news 1, RSS news 2, RSS news 3, RSS news scroller and RSS news tickers.
    • Text: Directory list, QR code, rich text widget, horizontal and vertical text ticker.
  4. Click on the colour box at the right of the text field under “Background color”. Select a color and move the arrow on the opacity bar in order to adjust transparency. Scroll it all the way to the left to make it completely transparent.
  5. opacity bar transparency You can also set transparency to other app's element. In clock app's case, it includes font and dial: change options
    • Some apps only require you to check the “Transparent background” box.
    • transparent bg checkbox
  6. Hit “Preview”. Modify the colour if you want to and press “Save” when done.
  7. Your app has been stored to your App Library and it is ready for use. Remember setting the app to an overlapping layer so the background is visible, giving a nice effect to your campaign.
  8. bring app to timeline