Organize content in folders

Manage your content easily and more efficiently with folders

As your digital signage operation grows, folders are welcomed to organize content according to your own criteria. Combine this tool with campaign tagging and never take long looking for a specific content!

  1. Click on “Create” button at your OnSign TV account homepage.
  2. 1. create folder button
  3. Write down a name at the pop-up window and proceed.
  4. 2. Name folder
  5. Folders will be displayed on the top of the page, below "Folder" header. Now you can start filling the folders with campaigns, playlists, files, apps and other folders by simply dragging the content to it.
  6. 3. Folder on top of page

    Move item to folder:

    Drag any file into the folder by drag and dropping.

    4.1 Click on campaign

    Move multiple itens at once:

    Select several files with your mouse.

    Then drag the selected files to a folder.

    4.2 Move campaign here

    Move folder to another folder:

    You can also move the folder to other folders by drag and dropping.

  • To delete a folder, right click the folder and hit "Delete". OnSign TV will request you to confirm the action by writing "DELETE" in case there are files within the selected folder.
  • 6. delete folder