Playing campaign on demand

Setting a campaign on demand allows you to play an specific campaign any time, interrupting the current campaign playback.

All you need to do is pressing a button on OnSign TV website. This feature is ideal for displaying emergency campaigns or quick sales, for instance. Check how to set a campaign on demand below:

  1. On your OnSign TV account homepage, press “Publish” under the campaign you wish to apply the settings
  2. Click on “Publish to Player” button on the top right corner.
  3. Select the player and select “Play on Demand” under Triggered Playback title. Hit Publish at the bottom of the page. settings campaign on demand

    *You can also set a URL to be triggered on the cellphone in case you paste the campaign On Demand URL to a QR code app.

  4. This campaign is set as a play on demand.
  5. play on demand 2

When you wish to play the campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Players tab at the header.
  2. Click on the Player where you have set the campaign.
  3. Select “campaign in players” on the left bar menu.
  4. Below the Primary Campaign Loop list, your campaign on demand will be placed under Triggered Campaigns header. Beside the campaign thumbnail, click on play button next to "Play on demand".
  5. play on demand 3
  6. A pop-up window will request how many times in a row you want the campaign to be displayed in the player. If you want to be displayed infinitely, insert “0”.
  7. play on demand 4
  8. Whenever you want to pause the campaign playback, press “Stop on demand playback” on the Triggered Campaigns header.
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