Set Windows Player App Resolution

Use "geometry" command to expand the player app to the screen each time you open it.

This function is also useful if you are using a computer as a player and want to display the app on the extended screen. Instead of adjusting the app window each time you open OnSign TV, follow the instructions below and save your time:

  1. Open OnSign TV app on your device.
  2. Right-click on the app’s background and select “Toggle Frameless mode”.
  3. Close the window and then right-click the app icon on the desktop. Select “Properties”.
  4. On target field, add at the end of the text the following:

  5. --geometry=X,Y,L,H

    The first two set of numbers (X,Y) indicate where the top-left corner of the app begins, and the following two(L,H) second screen or app desired resolution.

    Check the example below, in which one screen is being used to access OnSign TV website and manage campaigns, while the largest is used as a player:


  6. Hit “Ok”.

Now each time you open the app it should be displayed at the exact location you set and ocupping the predefined resolution.