Using FTP clients

FTP clients, softwares for file transfer, have several advantages such as continuing an upload from where it stopped after the internet connection was interrupted.

Most softwares in addition allow to queue items for uploading and to schedule transfers. In this tutorial you will learn how to use the FileZilla FTP client. Make sure you have enabled FTP on your OnSign TV account beforehand.

  1. Download and install FileZilla and connect to the OnSign TV server. If you are in doubt how to install FileZilla, refer to the FileZilla installation guide.
  2. When finished with the installation, open the program.
  3. Copy your FTP credentials from OnSign TV to FileZilla and then click on “Quickconnect”. Fill info filezilla

    All credentials you need are provided by the “FTP Info” on the expandable menu on the right on your "Content" page.

    FTP info
  4. Wait for the software to connect to the OnSign TV server. You can check the status in the FileZilla window right under your credential information.
  5. When the process is completed, your OnSign TV files will appear in the box on the right (see image below). Browse through your computer files in the left box. Upload files by dragging items from your computer to OnSign TV folders. You can also download items by dragging them from OnSign TV to your computer.

    The upload progress is displayed in the lower bar.

  6. file transfering through ftp

Remind that FileZilla won't prevent you from uploading unsupported file types to OnSign TV. Although you won't be able to visualize uncompatible files on your OnSign TV content tab on the browser, these files will ocuppy your cloud storage space. We reinforce you should always make sure to upload only supported files through FTP client.