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Maximize ROI of Digital Signage for Restaurants

Digital signage makes communication with customers easier and cheaper. Thanks to cloud-based software, digital signage content can be easily created and modified without the need of costly installations or menu printing. Adding promotions is economic and effortlessly controllable without paper or employing more staff.

As a restaurant owner, using digital signage can bring about many benefits to your business. So how can you use it to maximize the return on investment? Read on to see if digital signage is for you. If you are already using it, find out what else you can do to get more out of it.

1. Change your menu in a second

Especially when your restaurants have daily specials or time of day fitted promotions you need to change the menu often. With digital signage, you can quickly modify the content on the menu boards at different times and different days. Having the menu stored in the cloud can also schedule the dishes or promotion without duplication.

2. Cross-sell and up-sell to increase average order value

When menu boards keep changing and displaying different things, customers can evaluate other choices and want to buy more from you, even after they already bought.

It is a great opportunity to sell to existing customers who already walked into your restaurant. And it is easier than trying to get a new one. So grab the chance and increase the average order value from a customer by cross-selling and upselling them.

3. Promote your menus with appealing images and videos

Why sticking to boring static pictures and long description about ingredients that your customers cannot even pronounce?

Digital signage with your promotion videos can appeal better with mouth-watering graphics and interesting topics. This helps customers to want to buy more from you and also increase brand awareness and loyalty, since you can use videos to incorporate your company values, environmental and social responsibility.

4. Control the content better based on location

With digital signage technology, now you can manage your content more effectively. You can tailor your menu based on location’s target audience characteristics. You can adapt to the local languages, cultures, tastes to become a more informed advertiser. For example, advertising materials vary from country to country: some Asian cultures like Vietnam will appreciate family and collective value more, whereas Australians will be more effectively targeted using individualistic materials.

For fast food or chained restaurants, being able to target better also means being more appealing to a larger market by speaking directly to the local customers. And the control can be easily centralized with the help of digital signage content management systems.

5. Information about calories consumed, nutritional values

It is a new trend for restaurants to inform their customers about the nutritional values and how many calories are in each food. It is even a must in the U.S. for fast food chains like McDonald’s or Starbucks to display calories data. Customers everywhere are becoming more and more health-conscious about what is in their food.

You can now display all these information on your digital menu boards to build trust and gain loyalty from customers who are aware of their consumption and health.

Aks Kojic
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