Out-Of-Home Stuck at 5%, LCD Development Dropping, and more!


As we eagerly welcome another summer season, take a look at the news we considered of particular interest this June. First, the Out-of-Home industry has been stuck at a low percentage of the global ad spend for years. This month we talked about why that is and how we may overcome it. In technology, LCD development is steadily admitting defeat as newer technologies continue to take over demand. We also took a glance at what exciting sights InfoComm brought us this year, along with inspiring ideas for your summer digital signage content. Let’s take a look!

Is Out-of-Home stuck at 5%?

OOH’s current global ad spend share has been a big topic of discussion at the recently-held World Out-of-Home Organization conference in Lisbon. For years, it has been hovering at a steady 5%, which to many is a disappointing number. The WOO president Tom Goddard spoke about it in his introductory speech at the Global Congress.

“Looking at this line over the years, hovering at 5%, is a disappointment to me because I know all the investment that’s going on.” 

One of the reasons for this holdup, Goddard finds, is the medium of Out-of-Home having far too many sales points, and a lack of common standards, among other things. The current state of OOH makes it complicated for young buyers used to buying online, he notes. The ultimate goal is for the industry to challenge the online medium by becoming more well-rounded and clear. He also noted that sustainability and collaboration must be put into focus if the industry is to expand. Read more about it to see what else is needed for the industry to grow past this point.

LCD development dead in the water?

According to one of the main suppliers of liquid crystal displays, LCD TV research and development is finally a thing of the past. Funding is now primarily directed on self-emissive displays such as MicroLED and OLED. Still, the demand for lower-cost displays exists and production will carry on as long as there is a demand. This tech will likely continue to drop in price but we simply won’t see many improvements. It will become a cheaper option for the times to come.

We’ve talked about the comparison between LCD and LED displays in the past. While it’s clear that LED displays have a brighter future, it’s important to keep LCDs in mind to fulfill certain tasks for your business. Read more about these differences and get inspired!

InfoComm 2023

Well known, InfoComm showcases the latest advancements and developments in the industry. It also offers a platform for industry pros to network and explore emerging trends. This year, InfoComm attracted 29,325 attendees from 115 countries.

In case you didn’t attend the event this year, Dave Haynes posted an in-depth overview of his experiences at InfoComm 2023. There were plenty of interesting sights, from transparent digital displays to demos for miniLED, referred to as MLED.

For instance, LG made a strong impression with a massive stand which really commanded attention. Of course, they provided plenty of tech eye-candy, specifically in the OLED department. There were furthermore intriguing demos of 3D technology and alleged invisible LED screens. Overall, the event was a success, especially when it comes to the networking parties.

How to be a stand-out OOH salesperson

We’ve seen plenty of useful tips from the Billboard Insider blog on the topic of selling digital signage ad space. One of the more recent articles focused on the sales aspect and being a successful salesperson. While this is discussed with the digital signage context in mind, it can be translated to any salesperson, really. 

The key is to stand out and distinguish yourself from other salespeople. This is especially the case when there is stiff competition and offers are plentiful. It’s important to list the assets and benefits you bring to the table, of course. But every sales person does that and in itself this may not be enough to seal the deal. The best result is achieved if you take on the role of the advisor who will direct the business to success. Seek out the priorities of the buyer and look for ways to provide them with fresh ideas and possibilities, with your Out-of-Home platform as the conduit. 

Summer digital signage content

This week on the OnSign TV blog, we focused on a timely topic: summer! With another fresh beginning of the summer season, we thought it would be useful to inspire you with fun and engaging content ideas for the hot months ahead. Showcase the newest summer trend, publish important summer safety tips, or highlight upcoming weather, whether it be good or bad. Suggest exciting summer activities in your city to engage the local community.

You may even take it a step further and trigger content based on specific conditions. For instance, if the temperature reaches a certain stage, shift your content accordingly. We’ve mentioned this particular use in our article about motion sensors, which unlock exciting new possibilities when combined with digital signage software!

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