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Best Movie Theater Digital Signage Uses

A movie theatre is an amazing place. People visit it to have fun and experience something new and thrilling, and as of late, they have learned to expect greatness from the moment they set foot through the entrance.

Many methods are used to accommodate to this customer expectation: snacks, drinks, comfortable even reclining seats, pleasant music in the lobby, and so much more. One newer method is the use of digital displays to enhance navigating, wayfinding, comfort and overall keeping customers engaged and informed on the current offers.

All in all, movie theater digital signage helps bring a very positive customer experience inside a movie theater. This flexible tool fits this environment perfectly given the amount of visual content coursing through movie theaters every single day.

Movie Theater

Enhance the Lobby!

Not only does a display network boost sales for a movie theatre, it also leaves a pleasant experience for the customer. There are many amazing innovations out in the field which take the movie theatre to a whole new level, some of which are more difficult to provide than the others.

For now, we will focus on movie theater digital signage, which is a diverse tool not as difficult to obtain, yet it brings amazing benefits. One of the overall benefits is that it persuades more people to visit a second time for the next big movie hit, while at the same time boosting sales. Let’s take a look at some of the ways it can be used to achieve these goals.

Advertise effectively, especially in such a crowded place

Ads before the movie are widely accepted by movie theatre audiences, and every audience knows they’re coming. They don’t mind because often they are immersive, entertaining and exclusive to the theatre. This effective method of advertising can be expanded to the lobby as well!

Advertise relevant content to your audience right in the lobby, starting from the obvious movie trailers or messages from sponsors. Digital signage is an excellent platform for sponsored advertisements, but it can also be used to advertise drinks, snacks and enhance the chance of a sale occurring at that very moment.

Digital menu boards are one of the most common uses of digital signage, and they can be applied in this instance to!

God only knows why people crave a food as loud as popcorn while watching a movie, but if they want popcorn, let them have it more easily. Customer satisfaction rises, and so do sales. It’s a win-win!

Keep your customers well-informed  

Informing customers is very important, especially in places like movie theaters where there is a variety of information and choices. Using interactive displays, you can grant customers access to study available movies in more detail. Interactive posters in cinemas, as done by Coca-Cola, is quite a clever way.

A rough plot overview, duration, price, and any additional information customers might be interested in will greatly make their experience. A pleasant customer experience can move people to choose a specific theatre over others, and it can also provide a plus when deciding whether to watch more movies than one.

Wayfinding: Find Narnia more easily

Directions are particularly important, especially in larger movie theatres with multiple movies playing at once. Unless you’re a regular visitor, you won’t be able to navigate such a large complex too easily. Granted, you’ll probably find your way but you’d first have to ask around a bit or look for a sign to guide you.

A movie theater digital signage network can help users navigate the space with ease and guide them to their destination without the need to search for staff first to ask questions. If anything, movie theater digital signage can at least eliminate the need for staff to repeat the same answer a hundred times every time there is a premiere.

Digital signage is current and modern

If there is any place where gadgets and cool effects are welcome, it is the movie theatre. As the crossroad of doors to endless worlds of stories and fantasy, it is only natural to expect a movie theatre to reflect the magic inside the stories people want to experience.

An excellent example of the “coolest movie theater in the galaxy” is the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Omaha, Nebraska. This entire movie theater was transformed to bring a little piece of the Star Wars universe into our existing world. This only goes to show you the potential that lies within these places.

Now, this particular example is extreme. It takes quite a bit of time and investment but it truly is amazing. Movie theater digital signage can present a simpler, more easily obtainable version of this amazing experience, a part of which is already expected by customers. Using displays as windows to peek into different worlds of fiction is a very pleasant experience, and one you provide more easily than ever before!

There are many ways to make the best out of movie theater digital signage, specifically focusing on a more simpler and affordable scale. If you have the means, you can get creative and consider using more ambitious projects, such as video walls or interactive movie posters.

As an intersection of many fictional worlds, movie theaters are expected to have a pleasant environment from the very moment visitors arrive to the moment they leave. Digital signage can most certainly help in not only satisfying customer expectations, but also in surpassing them.


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