Does Digital Signage Belong in Bars and Pubs?


The use of digital signage screens in bars is typically limited to entertainment. A bar is a place where people often come together to watch sport events. If not in the foreground, music videos are also often seen in bars. Still, there is more which can be brought to the screen in bars and pubs. While digital signage already offers great benefits with this type of content, there is more to discover!  

Entertainment enhancement

Sports, games, trivia challenges, or interactive polls are all great ways to engage patrons via the main screens in a pub. It livens the weekend night and is a really important ingredient to making this time fun and special. A super easy way to manage these types of events is to tie in key displays across the establishment. Identify which displays you want to use for this type of content. Then, once content is broadcast to only these screens, it will ensure everyone can be in on the action.

Sectioning your displays is vital. With OnSign TV, you can label them accordingly to ensure the right content type is sent and broadcast on the corresponding screens. 

Promote drinks with a visual kick

Highlight promotions you have on displays aiming to provide this additional nudge. For example, set up a vertical display at the bar and have it rotate through eye-catching snapshots of expertly crafted cocktails. Below or next to them you can include ingredients, flavor notes, and even nutritional values.

These don’t have to be cocktails. Promote any other drink that’s a best-seller among your patrons. As we all know, it doesn’t take much convincing to order an ice-cold beer or a colorful cocktail. The visual alone can really do wonders to open up the appetite! Speaking of appetite, promote foods and snacks that go well with the beer everyone enjoys.

Amplify the atmosphere

Digital signage can do wonders when it comes to transforming the aesthetic and vibe of a room. In this instance, however, use with care. Bars and pubs are most active at night time. With dim lighting, music, and a stylish bar, the vibe is already set. With that in mind, digital signage for amplifying the atmosphere should do its work delicately, without too many flashy visuals.

The design elements can reflect the unique personality and style of the bar or pub. This can include showcasing local artwork, vintage photos, or quirky cartoons that resonate with the audience. All of these can be accompanied with smooth visual enhancement. For instance, the display can behave as a portrait which has a slowly animated frame. Or imagery of nature gently enveloped in rose petals. Using digital signage for this purpose in bars or pubs really tugs on creativity. Get crafty with your designs!

Advertise and promote

Promotion is a common use for digital signage. However, in environments such as coffee shops, bars, pubs, or any other place where people come to relax, approach it carefully. When people go out to a bar, they want to relax, have a drink, and hang out with friends. The only ad they will tolerate will be one that actually resonates with them. With that in mind, promoting food or drink available at the bar makes total sense!

With third party ads, such as events, products, or services, you should be careful, though. Pubs and bars have a vibe and an identity. If you simply sell the ad space on displays to the highest bidder, this identity will fade. If these ads resonate with the viewer and show that you genuinely thought of your audience, they will be appreciated. For example, if most patrons come for the rock music and vibe of a bar, they will appreciate a promotion to a nearby concert or gathering that’s in line with their tastes. Displays can also be used to promote musicians currently performing at the venue, as well as those that are yet to come.

Feedback collection

Bars and pubs are community hotspots. Building a strong and loyal community takes years, but it can be lost quite quickly. Pay attention to feedback and respond accordingly. However, feedback can at times be tough to obtain. Often, people will simply leave without voicing their concerns or dislikes. Set up interactive digital displays where users can provide feedback directly. Either through ratings, or by providing their own words. 

To make it more engaging, apply a small discount on a drink order, or even offer a free drink of choice on one night of the week or month for everyone who provided feedback. Apart from cheaper drinks, patrons will know their feedback is heard. If you make adjustments based on it, include it on the side of the feedback display. Perhaps you’ll notice small complaints about noise levels, or a limited drink selection. These things can be changed. 

While they may be environments which need a measured approach to flashy visuals, pubs and bars can make excellent use of digital signage. With digital signage software, you can easily update and tweak your content for every day of the week. Explore the full potential of digital signage software with OnSign TV!

Cover image by The Free Birds.