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7+ Digital Signage Facts You Didn’t Know

The general benefits of digital signage are easy to imagine, starting from higher sales, brand awareness, sales, and customer engagement. These and many others are clear at hand, but have a closer look at just how impactful they really can be to a brand’s success.

Digital signage facts and benefits

For instance, one interesting statistic shows that a staggering 86% of customers say they would gladly pay for better customer experience. This number has significantly changed in the past as more and more methods of providing better customer experiences emerge. This is only one interesting fact about the impact of digital signage. Check out the rest!

#1 More time spent in the store

The presence of digital signage at the point of sale results in 30% more time spent in the store by customers.


Digital signage in a retail store

Additionally, digital signage displays can increase the average purchase amount by 29.5%, generate a 32.8% growth in buyers who come back a second plus time and overall generate 32.8% more in-store traffic.

#2 Customers would pay for better customer experience

The value of the customer experience cannot be underestimated. In fact, 86% of customers say they would even gladly pay more for a better customer experience: a commodity digital signage provides by its mere presence. With that in mind, this point can be further developed by including campaigns focusing on enhancing the customer experience.

#3 Digital interactions influence customer behavior

Digital signage is a tool which can channel a great amount of information related to other digital device interactions, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Consumers who use a device during shopping make purchases at a 40% higher rate than those who do not use one. Digital devices have a dramatic impact on traffic, spending, and loyalty of the shoppers who use them. The information found on social channels also influences shopping behavior and loyalty significantly.

Digital signage and digital interactions

36 cents of each dollar spent in store are influenced by digital interactions. This extends beyond the in-store use of devices to consumers’ use on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones outside.

#4 Digital signage impacts brand awareness

84% of U.K. retailers find that digital signage significantly creates brand awareness, primarily due to the fact that dynamic signs reinforce brand messages through an immersive experience. Some of the established benefits of digital signage on brand awareness are both in the creation as in the development:

  • Enhanced coordination and communication
  • Ensured consistency
  • Unified messages across multiple locations easily manageable
  • Uplift of the brand image
  • Favorable influence over customer purchase decisions

#5 Employee engagement improves with digital signage

Employee engagement rises by 25% when digital signage is present. One of the main reasons for benefits over employee engagement is the visual impact digital signage leaves. Behind this stands the fact that the majority of humans identify themselves as visual learners.

In employee operations, immediate information in times of need is a frequent requirement. Digital signage provides a quick access to important information and can furthermore help reach employees who don’t use digital devices too frequently on the job.

#6 Reduction of perceived waiting times

The perceived waiting times at check-out are reduced by approximately 35% through the use of digital signage, be it for efficiency, promotional offers, or pure entertainment.

Digital signage lowers the perception of time through its versatility. Where there are ten people, there are ten different tastes and opinions. A versatile digital display can accommodate varying preferences and tastes. In reality, aside from the perceived waiting times, the real waiting times can be lowered as well through efficiency in organizing check-outs with the use of digital signs.

#7 Customers welcome digital signage

There are many stats out there which highlight just how much customers welcome digital signage. Digital signage fares far better than standard advertising or promotions.

  • 47% of customers claim they still recall a digital video a month after seeing it.
  • Food items which were advertised through digital signs experienced on average a 49% rise in sales compared to sales which occurred in a period without advertising.
  • 25% of customers want the ability to see and order an extended range of products on-screen inside the store.
  • Customer experience accounts for 55% of customer loyalty.

Digital signage boosts efficiency in this waiting room

Although the presence of these benefits is fairly obvious to anyone who has already used digital signage. It’s still important to know just how much they can impact your business.

Also, keep in mind that these stats change as time moves on and digital signage becomes more commonplace. Knowing the power of these benefits can help you adjust your digital signage strategy further and help you focus your efforts better.


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