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3 Most Important Digital Signage Uses For The Holiday Season

As we enter the final quarter, end-of-the-year plans are slowly approaching the top of our to-do lists. And as the holiday season can be a truly hectic time of the year, it’s important to get a head start!

Even though the holidays are not upon us just yet, we’ll take a look at the main uses of digital signage in this context to help you brainstorm and have an excellent digital signage strategy ready. With each remaining month of 2019 containing a special holiday within, you’ll need these uses to make the most of the time ahead! 

Efficiency for everyone!

Love it or hate it, the holiday season is a very hectic and rather stressful time of the year. The behavioral pattern for both businesses and consumers changes significantly at this time. Retailers are competing with one another, and queues and crowds are waiting for consumers in every store. Because of this unpredictable time of year, all the standard benefits of digital signage truly come to light.

Employees can rely on digital signage to obtain information which would ordinarily be shared through an email. And during the holiday season, a lot of emails get sent! Displays can focus on reminders for important obligations, shipments, deliveries, or work schedule updates. They can even display data regarding new employees or upcoming company events.

Consumers can rely on digital signage to get the information they seek regarding the best offers. The availability of products should be regularly updated, as well as a clear overview of all discounts the consumer could get. Using digital signage software, you can display content unique to each display or even to each store. It can also allow you to not only organize content in multiple displays but also in one screen. By making a custom layout, you can ensure everyone sees the information they’re after!

Content unique to your brand

The holiday season offers a perfect opportunity to strengthen the bond with your consumers. At this time of year, we are all anticipating to see new things as we stroll through the city. Special offers are eagerly awaited by consumers and you’ll have more people looking through your store window than at any time of the year. 

Through a few short lines, you can merge your special holiday offers with something unique about your business’ story. For instance, it isn’t a new concept for brands to announce how long they’ve been in business. if it’s the first Christmas for your business, you could say that you’re offering a discount to celebrate it. The same can apply if it’s a longer period of time, where you’re celebrating the 5th or the 10th. This sends a quick message about something unique about your business which connects you to the consumer.

As long as the message isn’t excessive, discounts and special offers can be a great way to share something you want your customers to know. You can utilize interactive displays to share your story in more detail. You could even implement hidden discounts for those who do take the time to learn more. 

Seasonal ambiance

Digital signage can easily set up the ambiance of winter and that’s why this is the first and most obvious clue as to how it should be used. All of your content should contain a holiday flair, minor or major, especially given the special offers your business will surely provide during the holiday season. 

The content on your displays doesn’t necessarily have to focus on sales. Instead, if your digital signage network is big enough, you can set up certain displays to make it snow indoors. You can use sites like Pixabay to get stunning videos to use in your campaigns. And once again, the ambiance of snowfall or Christmas cheer can be used as a background for content or on its own for the stunning visual effect.

Although videos certainly make a powerful impact, a slideshow of images that invigorate holiday spirit can also be a way to make your customers feel cozier. You could find some really good ones on Unsplash

Let the creativity flow!

The final months of the year are an excellent opportunity for a lasting imprint on your existing and potential consumers. This is especially important if you’re in the US. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all offer a lot of room for amazing content. People notice the effort behind these campaigns if it’s consistent. With so many opportunities closely-knit together, you would be wise to make use of them and leave a lasting impression!

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