7 Ways to Upsell via Digital Signage


Digital signage offers a quick way of highlighting the benefits of any product or service you’re offering. When it comes to upselling, your task is to do exactly that! You need to justify why the customer would be wise to buy a more expensive variant of a product or a service. Apart from ways to upsell via digital signage, we’ll also mention cross-selling and the best ways to make the viewer comfortable in making an additional purchase. As you’ll see, the biggest challenge is to establish initial interest in your offers. After that, digital signage makes it smooth sailing. Let’s start with the basics!

Highlight upgraded versions

The simplest and most direct way of upselling any product is to highlight the advantages of the more feature-including, more compact, newly designed, or upgraded version to justify the upsell. With digital signage, you can accomplish this in seconds. Have content explaining so on rotation or triggered on demand as the user picks up a product to examine it. For physical products and in particular electronics offer extended warranty, an enhanced service plan, add-on accessories, or even bundles which enhance the product’s use. For services, offer a more extensive, higher-tier version of the service. In gyms, for example, offer premium memberships which grant access to additional perks such as classes with instructors, spa services, or hydration plans.

Once you’ve pinpointed the advantages of the upgraded product or service, showcase them on digital signage. For example, use our Dynamic Composition to illustrate the key benefits of a specific product. In case the higher-value item comes with accessories, show them off on the display alongside the main product. For services, highlight the premium benefits in a contrasting color to make them stand out. These are only a few ideas. Once you identify the benefits, you’ll quickly come up with ways of displaying them via digital signage.

Tailor custom upgrades to consumer needs

With products, and especially services, consult with the buyer on what it is they value the most. Premium memberships offer a ton of additional perks, but you’ll quickly see that buyers value certain benefits over others. For example, some customers might prioritize exclusive access to special events and treatments or early access to new products, while others might find value in priority customer support or earned points towards future purchases.

Consult with a representative focus group what your target buyer wants and create upsells according to their preference. Best-selling products are constantly improved on, electronics in particular. The newer model usually is faster, lighter, or more precise which justify a higher price over last year’s model. But products can also be differentiated by design or higher-quality materials. 

Bundle offers

Bundles are an exciting way of upselling. Because they’re typically more affordable than buying the bundled products individually, they offer deals worth considering. You can upsell via digital signage by showcasing the most exciting package bundles available and how much they save.

For a start, bundle up products which go well together, such as a skin care routine. Look for holiday and seasonal pairings. Summer is here. A bundle could consist of a body together with facial sunscreen and even after-sun lotion. Refillable bottles are often made of more sturdy materials, but over time refills are good for the environment and the customers’ wallets. Bundles can extend past category boundaries. A scented candle is a good example of a cross-category upsell for the primary perfume flask. 

Seasonal Promotions

New sales opportunities come with each season. We already mentioned bundling up products for the summer, but you can push it even further. In this context, think about promotion opportunities for your business. Clothing retailers can entice a little summer splurge, offering a free beach towel after a certain threshold is met. Larger purchases can be made even more appealing with additional products which expand the application. A garden ensemble with a sunshade is better than one without. 

Think about other seasons where your offers have the potential to shine and prepare for them. This also applies for festivities and celebrations. The challenge here is to identify which upselling methods work best with which seasons and for your business in particular. Once you’ve figured it out, upsell via digital signage to truly make a splash!

Interactive Product Demos

Digital signage truly takes product demos to a new level. Whether they’re specifically triggered or run on a loop, beautifully designed videos will represent the merchandise in its best light. Of course, this also applies to services. All it takes is to design a clear and concise digital signage campaign which paints all the benefits clearly. For products, the reasoning for the upsell can be explained in detail. With electronics, highlight the increase in efficiency compared to older product versions. Or demonstrate the impact of accessories. A newer model might save money in the long run, or come with longer battery life. 

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty programs are a fun way to funnel sales to your business away from your competitors and to boost the consumer experience. By collecting points, let your shoppers reduce the costs of high-tier products or services they wouldn’t ordinarily purchase. This is a great way to make regular purchases more rewarding, build loyalty, and inspire shoppers to try out something new. 

Build engaging digital signage campaigns which at a glance demonstrate how the loyalty system works, and the benefits which come with it. Upselling via loyalty rewards can be made even more exclusive with offers for a limited line of products.

Encourage purchases via testimonials

Cross-selling and upselling products is usually done by offering a good deal to the buyer. However, sometimes the price is not the main driving factor. When it comes to health, for example, we are less focused on saving money and more on quality and success rate. This is where testimonials and reviews make all the difference. Consider testimonials which confirm the success rate of a specific therapeutic method or medicine. Collect feedback from previous customers to promote high-tier services and upgrades which are proven and confirmed to work. You then have additional content to utilize in your digital signage content.

When it comes to designing content aimed to upsell via digital signage, you’ll find plenty of tools to use with OnSign TV software. From apps designed to wrap your input into visually pleasing campaigns, to dynamic content you can design yourself, there’s much to explore!

Cover image by BATCH.