The Decorative Potential of Digital Signage


The main capacity of digital signage is its facility to engage the viewer and successfully deliver a message. This power comes from the visual appeal within the framework of a well-executed digital signage campaign. While there is much to say about this power to engage and inform the viewer, we’ll now focus purely on the visual appeal in a decorative context.

As pretty as it may be, decorative digital signage goes well beyond streaming a burning log or a waterfall for a store’s background. A common theme can be weaved through all your campaigns, bringing them to life and building a recognizable theme across all your content. By neglecting its decorative power you truly miss out on one principal feature which makes digital signage such a powerful tool. 

Using digital signage for decorative purposes can be as simple as choosing a specific font for your message or as complex as using a series of displays or video walls to establish an immersive ambiance. In the end, it all comes down to elevating the customer experience and bringing another degree of entertainment into the mix.

Bring your storefront to life

The storefront is the face of your business. It’s the first thing any customer-to-be is going to see before they set foot inside your world. That is reason enough to make it as engaging and intriguing as possible. If your business angle is all about having a unique experience, you can go all out with it. Depending on context and governing local laws on exterior design, digital signage may be better used in a more business-minded fashion, showcasing what you have to offer in a toned-down but still inviting fashion. 

Even when the decorative factor is not the focus, it should not be ignored! Digital signage brings more than merely words to a display. It brings the visual power to make that message have greater impact. Using visually appealing but readable fonts is the simplest start. Something as simple as a stylish welcome message can go a long way. Already by being a digital sign, it stands out over regular posters. 

Enhance your indoor ambiance

Each establishment has a unique feel to it, even if it is just being plain and unostentatious. Digital signage is supportive to creating an atmosphere and it does that with great visual appeal. For instance, restaurants and cafes typically have a specific theme. This is seen in matching furniture style and decorations found throughout the space. Perhaps it’s an establishment focusing on a more homey setting, one with a carefully curated mingle-mangle appeal, or one with a historic context. Whatever the case may be, animated visuals can further manifest that ambiance.

While digital signage collages made of video walls are a visual marvel, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a similar effect with fewer displays. The hardware setup and size is important, yes. But it’s the thought you put in your decorations that is the key. A frozen landscape with occasional snowfall, or a forest in which an animal passes by every once in a while could be fun additions to the indoor visual experience. These little touches bring excitement to the viewer and by taking the time to create them, you can transport your audience anywhere you wish. Decorations set the mood and evoke emotions in the one who sees them. With the power to amplify this effect, digital signage is a must-have tool in any establishment looking to elevate the customer experience.

Memorable indoor visual experiences

In the majority of restaurants, coffee shops, or lounging areas, digital signage today is used as a menu with the occasional informative feature. It can be so much more though. Digital signage can be an emotion evoking experience. The possibilities are endless.

Of all places, we can look to a furniture store as an excellent example. Jordan’s Furniture chain is a great example. One of several features of their store are two indoor rope courses. A dynamic LED ceiling brings the course to life with its stunning visuals. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make an entrance. Too few make use of the extraordinary capabilities of a well crafted digital signage decoration. A display here and there is not that unusual. An immersive atmosphere is. It is a way to stand out from the rest and attract customers. 

Changing ambiance for special occasions

Digital signage can essentially transform and change the mood and ambiance of any establishment in seconds. While maintaining a consistent setup and feel of your establishment is key for its identity, there are times throughout the year when it might be a good idea to switch things up a bit.

Seasonal events, holidays, or dates important to your audience are worth accentuating. You could change your indoor decorations for Valentine’s day, as well as your digital signage setup. The anticipation of the New Year is a great time to bring out the sparkles with your screens. In fact, as everyone celebrates the New Year, they’ve learned to expect something special at this time of year, so why not give it to them? Plan ahead! 

Adjust the visual theme to your campaigns

Changing your ambiance is also very helpful for special campaigns or offers you have planned. Seasonal topics as a common base behind creative campaigns. If it is winter, the cold is referenced, if it is summer, the sun is a regular character. Using digital signage both indoors and outdoors can push these campaigns further.

You can create seasonal campaigns in advance and use digital signage software to automatically set them in motion when the time for them arrives or certain thresholds are met like the beginning of summer break. 

OnSign TV is an excellent tool for this purpose as it allows you to create and mix unique campaigns and schedule them to be displayed on all your displays at the perfect time. You can even schedule campaigns to run for a more specific time period. Sign up OnSign TV for free immediately and try it for yourself!