Best Campaigns in the Past Decade, Global Ad Spend Forecasts, ISE 2024, and more! 


With the final news set of the year, it’s only appropriate to look back at the year behind us. But it’s also equally important to look ahead and see what exciting trends await us in 2024. We’ll also focus a bit on ISE 2024, which is a huge event in the audiovisual sector. Right away we can tell you that OnSign TV is attending, so stop by our booth if you are too!

ISE 2024 is coming, and it’s getting an upgrade!

Integrated Systems Europe 2024 is taking place from January 30th to February 2nd. As you know, it’s the world’s leading audiovisual and systems integration exhibition. OnSign TV will also be present at the event. To find us, check out all the information on the official ISE website where you also find the floorplan. We are going to be at booth 6H400.

ISE 2024 banner

Meanwhile, on the topic of the venue where ISE 2024 is taking place, it’s getting a vast transparent LED upgrade. The Welcome Screen at the South Access of Fira de Barcelona’s Gran Via exhibition center will consist of 193 square meters of transparent tiles. Read more about it in a recent post by Sixteen:Nine.

Dentsu Forecasts global ad spend growth in 2024

Dentsu, currently the largest advertising agency in Japan and the fifth largest advertising agency network in the world, has recently released a forecast report for 2024 of global ad spending. According to their predictions, global ad spend in 2024 is going to grow by 4.6% and define “a new era of brand investment metrics.”

In terms of digital advertising, with its continuous growth into 2024, it is expected to reach $442.6 billion. The report takes into account events and opportunities arising in 2024. For instance, the UEFA EURO2024 and the US presidential election will surely make an impact on the ad industry and spending. Below is a snapshot from the forecast report, showing the share of global ad spend by channel and years.

Advertising trends in 2024

A new year presents new opportunities, especially in terms of trends. Even though we tend to focus on trends in the digital signage world, it’s important to consider advertising trends in general. Even though these two worlds are separate, they have many bridges between them.

This month, Adomni published an article on the topic, pinpointing four main trends we’ll likely see grow further into 2024. TikTok, of course, is a must on any trends list as it keeps making a bigger splash each year. With that in mind, it’s likely we’ll see it beyond smartphone screens and on other ad mediums. AI is another big one as its development grows quite literally every day. As content creation becomes more automated and AI-based, there’s no doubt the advertising industry, Out-of-Home included, will change as a result. 

DSE 2023 recap; Roughly 3,000 attendees

The Digital Signage Experience event this year pulled roughly 3,000 attendees. This is not the official number but rather estimated based on a press release by the show owner Questex. DSE 2022 reported slightly higher numbers, around 3,500, however this isn’t necessarily a bad sign.

The show’s organizers noted that roughly 80% of attendees were buyers or from companies related to digital signage and Digital Out-of-Home networks. The event was reportedly not too busy, but given the decent number of attendees, exhibitors had more time to cater to each of them. At this time, DSE 2024 is expected to take place from December 7th – 10th in the upcoming year.

Best outdoor campaigns from the past decade

This month on the OnSign TV blog we published an article with a truly exciting topic. We looked back at the outdoor advertising world of the past decade and singled out some of the best campaigns we could find. From Coca-Cola bringing two nations closer together, to Burger King quite literally burning away the ads of competitors, there was quite a lot to see. Take a look!

These campaigns are really fun to look at, but they can also inspire upcoming outdoor campaigns. Of course, these examples stem from huge companies. The principles behind the way they engage viewers can be used also by smaller enterprises. We look forward to what exciting campaigns and examples will emerge in the year ahead!

Cover image by Pascal Debrunner.