7 Aspects Of The Workplace Digital Signage Can Improve

There are about 124 billion business emails sent and received daily in 2018. Obviously then, email stands as one of the most widely used methods of communication in business. It is an inexpensive and valid method which unlikely will be replaced anytime soon. Email is an easy way to pass on information, as well as tasks and responsibility from one individual to another. However, other methods of communication come into play to ease the pressure on email as the single channel for communication.

Email works best in one-on-one or one-on-few communication. Digital signage on the other hand is able to take over a wider path of communication. Be it passing along open information from the leadership to the employee body, performance reports, event notifications or more laid back information lifting the company morale, digital signage does the job admirably.

Below, we will talk about aspects of business which can be enhanced through the presence of a digital signage network. All of them make the workplace more modern, comfortable and transparent.

Corporate Culture

Just like a family, each and every business in the world has a unique culture within its walls. Some focus primarily on a professional approach, with its employees only feeling comfortable in the break room. Others are more laid back and relaxed. They allow for more amenities and more personality to shine through from each employee at their workplace.

What’s your corporate culture like? What do you want it to be? Very likely you want your employees to be as comfortable as they are effective at their tasks. Digital signage is the tool to direct you to that ideal picture you’d like to see when you walk in.

You want your business to be a pleasant, fun place for your employees? Recognizing employee success is a great motivator to push your employees to even greater results. Additionally, in order to create a laid back and relaxing environment, a certain level of entertainment can help. Memes, inside jokes or fun company family photos can occasionally be shared to raise the positivity in the room.

Employee engagement

It's a very big deal in modern business. In fact, businesses which thrive today are businesses with an engaged employee base. This is especially true as the standard 21st century business doesn’t demand just raw physical work, but also requires creativity and willpower.

For a start, digital signage enhances the mentality in the workplace just by being present. Using it properly in this context elevates the business and its employees to the modern world. Most of the points you will see below all impact employee engagement and make the workplace as efficient as it does enjoyable.  

Stronger leadership

Emails remain a dominant feature of communication, as stated. However, it can be somewhat dry and is usually the bearer of bad news. Its purpose is to inform efficiently, which leaves little room for creative uses. Digital signage can strengthen the communication between the leaders and the employees. It eliminates the need to send most types of circular emails. As we have pointed out, digital signage cannot and should not try to entirely replace email, but should focus on lessening the volume of emails ensuring only the important communication get sent per email, and not a swarm of emails.

Digital signage allows the leadership to communicate with the employees in a more charming, direct and modern way. Be it announcements, successes or even just a “Happy New Year!” from the company leaders, all of it creates a stronger sense of unity and higher employee engagement within the business.

Result accuracy and awareness

The progression of the business and its most successful sectors can be followed on a digital signage network. Keeping employees informed of their collective success is a great boost, and you can even showcase the highest performing areas of the business and reward their effort accordingly. This brings in the element of friendly competition which can be a strong motivator.

Furthermore, findings from surveys taken by employees and improving measures being introduced can easily be shared on screen. Surveys don’t have to vanish after employees fill them out, you know. Any kind of global announcement is certainly more uniting when observed with one’s fellow employees. Even if the news isn’t the best, seeing it together is more impactful than alone by oneself. This subconscious element is very much present in entertainment. Just take a look at people uniting together to watch a soccer match. Sure, work is less fun, but the element of unity is there.

Employee recognition

As we’ve mentioned, when sharing the success of the business, you can highlight the best performing sector. You can even take it a step further and recognize individual employee achievements. This achievement can be accompanied by a reward, all of which you can show on your digital screens.

Employee recognition stands as one of the most engaging elements in business. It singles out the successful one, which makes them feel special, and it also shows to other employees they can be in that position if they work towards it.

Welcoming new employees

A simple yet striking feature which does oh so very much. For anyone just joining the business, digital signage can ensure their first day starts of on a high note. Not only that, but your digital signage can introduce the new employee to the company. This isn’t only relevant for the social aspect, but also business in that employees are informed about their new colleague and how to get in touch. Emails are for example still personalized by name and you won’t find “newaccountingguy@yourcompany.com”.


Smoother employee communication, a stronger corporate culture and a more united community results in better performance overall. The investment you make on digital signage will definitely yield positive results. All the benefits mentioned above your business can achieve if you invest and apply digital signage appropriately.

Please, do not misinterpret and assume that digital signage will do these things on its own. To achieve this, you must also invest the effort to create quality content and approach the matter professionally. Do that, and your employees and your wallet will be eternally grateful.