6 Major Uses for Digital signage in Zoos and Aquariums


Aquariums and zoos attract a diverse range of visitors, particularly animal-lovers and families! As it is in most such places, it’s all about the journey from the first step to the last. Recreation and beautiful sights are the biggest part of it all. But education is also an important ingredient in the mix. Below, we’ll cover how digital signage technology can help enhance the visitors’ experience. At the same time, it helps inform and educate them. These uses also apply to other similar establishments, such as botanical gardens, aviaries, and wildlife sanctuaries.

A warm welcome

Starting at the beginning, greet visitors with welcoming messages. This is perhaps not something which must be entirely done through digital signage. After all, with high foot traffic, digital signage in aquariums and zoos doesn’t need to wait for someone to walk by and trigger a welcome message.

Instead, digital signage can be better dedicated to act as an information terminal. Allow new visitors to learn the basic information about attractions surrounding them, the layout of the area, as well as any special offers or special visitor packages you may offer. 

Ticket information and pricing

While most zoos and aquariums make ticket purchases available online, there are plenty of people who prefer to make the purchases in person, or simply decide it might be a nice day to visit. Use digital menu boards to clearly display the pricing for specific tickets. You may even use these displays to direct visitors to go online via their smartphone for more information and advance the queue.

Naturally, it’s exciting to simply walk through these amazing places and be surprised with the sights. Some visitors, though, want to know precisely what they will be getting, especially if the zoo or aquarium in question is a vast area which cannot be explored in a single day.

Educational videos

Now that we’re through the front door, we find plenty more opportunities to wisely utilize digital signage in zoos or aquariums. Every species has a world of history which is fascinating to observe. Given the attractions available at the park in question, interactive or ordinary digital signage displays can provide additional information about a certain species, their typical personality traits, habits, and behaviors. Show the most beautiful sights from the park to visitors alongside this information. Lions relaxing in the sun or a glimpse at the underwater world in the largest aquarium tank are all sights to behold. 

Build slideshows or informational videos with subtitles which talk about the common habitat of the species in question. Given the context, this can be an excellent opportunity to inform viewers how they can do their part in helping the environment. This helps in ensuring the safety of fascinating species in the long run. Raise awareness about marine conservation as well. Do this by showcasing initiatives, success stories, and ways visitors can contribute to protecting these environments.

Of course, no one likes to be bombarded with doomsday information when they want to spend a leisurely day. With that in mind, it should be done subtly and not overshadow the main content. In reality, when people are exposed to the beauty of nature, it doesn’t take a massive shove to inspire the will for change.

Important messages

Sometimes, we unfortunately have to talk about worst case scenarios. Digital signage is an excellent tool to broadcast emergency messages. Using digital signage software, you can set up such content and have it ready to be broadcast on all displays at once. Of course, such content will be prepared with the hope that you won’t actually need to use it.

Furthermore, any important notes or warnings you’d like to include can be easily displayed alongside other content on digital signage. Dedicate a banner on the bottom or top that reminds visitors of appropriate behaviors. For instance, remind them to not feed or agitate the animals, or any other crucial information visitors must know.

Live events

Many zoos and aquariums around the world run live events in an effort to engage visitors, educate the public, and raise awareness about conservation efforts. These include feedings, animal encounters, and workshops. These events can vary in terms of age groups or interest. 

While aquariums or zoos will prominently display this information online, it’s a great opportunity to make new visitors aware of these events through digital signage. Display a schedule of at the very least the next upcoming live event. Also include a link via QR-code or a URL where visitors can go to explore when and which other live events, such as live feedings or demonstrations, will take place. 

Aquarium / Zoo history and efforts

These large establishments dealt with colossal tasks throughout their history. Each milestone is something intriguing to talk about. Aquariums and zoos can use this information to enrich their digital signage content. This can start from the very origins and goals of the establishment. It can then lead up to conservation efforts, new goals, and milestones that are yet to come.

Interactive timeline displays are one great way to let users scroll and browse through the history of the park. Fun images, perhaps of the founding days or exciting achievements can all be presented via digital signage to inspire visitors.

Cover image by Tim B Motivv.