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How Digital Signage Helps Things Return to Normal

Digital signage has shown itself to be a powerful ally amid this pandemic which is yet to pass for good. We all look forward to the day when things go back to normal. Tools like digital signage support making that hope a reality. In fact, a large percentage of Americans say that outdoor advertising and digital signage helps them feel as though things are returning to normal. This is the result of several factors coming together, including schools reopening and OOH ads for back-to-school items.

Apart from the sensations it brings to the viewer, outdoor advertising—and more particularly digital signage—has provided many methods and means that helped push through the pandemic and got us to where we are today.

Delivering PSAs in a jiffy!

2020 was undoubtedly the year of PSAs as virtually every business and public space had at least one sign referencing the COVID-19 pandemic and the guidelines coming with it. This has, of course, carried over into 2021. With so much time spent looking at PSAs, it’s obvious that initially most of them focused on raw information rather than efficacy or visual appeal. Yet digital signage made it an effortless task to set up a visually appealing PSA containing all the right information.

Digital signage allows all establishments to not only place PSAs at their storefronts or entrances, but to merge them with other content they present to visitors. With vaccine rollouts in mind, digital signage also informs on those more differentiated guidelines.

Digital signage helps hospitals

Digital signage has helped hospitals in more ways than one, and continues to do so! Let’s begin at the entrance. Apart from a welcome message, hospitals can display high-priority safety measures, important announcements, occupancy rate, and the current service status and availability.

Wayfinding has always been a matter where digital signage comes in handy. In a pandemic environment, it becomes even more important as it ensures people reach their destination faster and with less contact with others. An interactive display mapping out the facility can relieve the pressure on the front desk staff. When room organization becomes chaotic, digital signage can help direct people properly. For instance, displays could easily direct patients to COVID-19 vaccination rooms. 

An ambulance toy

Internally, digital signage can be a great coordination booster. Information on availability of rooms, emergencies, major upcoming events, schedule changes, or any other internal changes can be broadcast through the internal digital signage network.

Digital signage helps schools

In terms of digital signage benefits, schools are very similar to hospitals. They’re both places with a lot of foot traffic. The main difference is that in schools, the occupants are commonly the same people. Thus, the social aspect becomes a bit more important. 

Digital signage helps schools to maintain an elevated mood and spirit. Displays don’t always have to be packed with serious information. Information such as PSAs, schedule or classroom changes, are all great sources of content for the display network. Interactive games, facts of the day, or social media feeds are just as welcome!

Children in preschool

Digital signage helps with social distancing by reminding students and staff of safety measures. This, combined with all other benefits, makes schools safer and more efficient.

Digital signage helps businesses

Digital signage has played a small part in helping businesses stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, restaurants directed their traffic to drive-thru windows. This is where digital signage ensured a quick and satisfactory service and stores indicated the pick up window for orders. Using digital displays, restaurants and stores keep their consumers informed on the most recent pandemic-related updates and while indicating their alternative phone or online presences, allowing them to be safer and stay open.

Businesses also maintain their occupancy rates and safety measures a lot easier with digital signage at hand. Relying on touchscreens (sanitized after use) as well as touchless interaction, digital signage modifies the customer journey, providing the service the consumer wants, but doing so in a safer way. 

Building the future

Having proven itself as a useful tool in such a dire situation, digital signage will continue to lend a helping hand to all establishments to recover and return to normal. Merging with the online world, however, digital signage can do even more than that. Digital signage software allows content creators to merge these two worlds flawlessly. Users can trigger content on digital displays by visiting a QR-coded link. Furthermore, with the ability to have users interact online through digital signage, the sky’s the limit!

Visual of connections across the planet

The Out-of-Home industry was on the rise before the pandemic hit. Now that the world has adapted, the OOH industry is back on track and doing its best to not only adapt to the current conditions, but also to the future!

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