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7 Ideas For Digital Signage in Fitness Centers!


Special promotions, discounts, and hard to resist membership deals are the standard content seen on digital signage in fitness centers. All of it is important to get a new member into the door, of course, but there is so much more you can do with this marvel of technology. Paired up with digital signage software, any facility built around fitness can make a colossal impact on the customer experience. With that said, below we’ll focus on content ideas aimed solely at elevating the experience of fitness enthusiasts.

Group exercises

Digital displays can elevate the group exercise routine and give a clearer structure and guidance to everyone. With the upbeat music which keeps you going during the exercise, it can sometimes be difficult to acoustically understand the next instructions. Digital displays can act as a demonstration of the current exercise, ensuring everyone is on track with what they shall do. Circuit exercises, or any kind of fast-paced group exercise, can also be managed better with precise timers. They can show which exercise is coming up next, giving every participant enough time to prepare.

Think of other information to include within the group exercise context. At the end, maybe display calories burned, or number of exercises done. Of course, don’t forget to include a hydration reminder! 

Stretch breaks 

Stretching is a must, before and after exercise. Too often neglected and often not done properly. Thus, this is a perfect way to use digital signage in any fitness center! Build a quick demo which shows the proper way and duration of stretches. Then allow gym goers to display these demos on demand, or occasionally have them appear on their own.

Digital signage in fitness centers can ensure visitors have the best experience possible!

In case you’re using digital signage for group exercises, make sure to include stretch timers and visuals to guide everyone through the process appropriately at the beginning and end of the exercise session.

Exercise goals

There are many reasons why someone would choose to exercise. Some people want to build muscle and have a toned physique. Others want to lose weight, improve their stamina, or maintain their health. Lastly, many gym goers use exercise as a way to deal with stress. 

Each of these goals presents a path to engage your customers. Engaging with them and learning what their motivations are will tell you which field to focus on. If most of your customers are building muscle, display content that highlights protein-rich foods, for example. Or suggest precise workout routines. Similarily, if cardio is the main focus, rank which workout equipment has the best impact. For instance, ellipticals are more demanding than bikes, but yield greater rewards!

Dietary information

The typical gym rat knows much about nutrition, but newcomers might not! Using digital signage in fitness centers, regardless of type, can tell them which food groups are best coupled with specific exercise goals. Pinpoint the best sources of lean protein, such as chicken, fish, or beans. Or highlight foods rich in healthy fats, like avocados and nuts.

On the other hand, you may also focus on foods to avoid, specifically for weight-loss goals or to avoid inflammation. Gym trainers know a lot about the impact of certain food groups, so they’re the best to turn to on these matters to be sure! Be careful with picking just any online source, as there is plenty of misinformation out there.

Stress reduction

The anti-stress properties of exercises are a huge deal! Highlight these properties and direct visitors to types of exercises focused entirely on stress. Suggest yoga, tai chi, or pilates, whichever is available at your gym. In case none of your services are focused on stress reduction, look into making deals with yoga studios, for example, and direct your clients there. This way, they can turn to your gym for more active exercises, and refer to other areas for relaxation afterwards.

Similarly, massages are a great follow up to intense exercise. Again, if you don’t provide them yourself, build partnerships with spas and try to provide special deals to your members. This will ensure customer loyalty and elevate their satisfaction with your studio!


Exercise is healthy and reduces stress, but we’ve all had those days when we just have to force ourselves to push through. In these cases, a small push in the right direction helps a lot. Apart from the main digital signage content in fitness centers, motivational content is a pleasant addition. Include motivational quotes, for example, or before and after results from your best-performing members. 

Take it a step further and encourage a bit of friendly competition via scoreboards. This doesn’t necessarily have to refer to the quantity of physical exercise. After all, not every gym goer is on the same level. Instead, focus on attendance and frequency of exercise. You can even use hydration trackers or online apps gym goers use to display the results. It’s all for a bit of fun and friendly competition. You may, of course, choose to include a reward at the end. For example, a discounted membership for top attendees. The point here is not winning or being first, but evoking a sense of community and engagement.

Encourage hydration

Hydration reminders are certainly less dramatic and impactful than any of the ideas above. Though, there’s still room for this content nugget in your digital signage structure! For example, have a 10-second hydration reminder pop up every half hour on a digital display. This is just enough to catch the eye and deliver the message. 

Include these pop-ups across the entire screen, or across a smaller section of the display. These time intervals and deliveries will ensure people don’t repeatedly see the same reminder too many times, given the standard training time.

Organize your content!

As you see, there are many ways you can use digital signage in fitness centers! In fact, it might be a bit overwhelming once you start creating it. Use digital signage software to both create and organize everything neatly. For a start, section up your displays as a campaign with custom screen layout or the dynamic composition feature. Include hydration reminders, or upcoming group sessions on a single display. You can also build social media walls displaying #fitness posts from gym members. Start exploring the possibilities by accessing every feature OnSign TV has to offer, with a free trial!

Cover image by Oksana Taran.