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Best Digital Signage Installations Seen on DSE 2022!


This year’s Digital Signage Experience was a big success! Once again it offered an opportunity for the digital signage industry to come together. Among the many activities which took place at DSE 2022, particularly noteworthy were the Digital Signage Experience Awards (DIZZIE). This awards program recognizes digital signage installations and campaigns around the globe which challenge existing standards and push the industry forward. Take a look at some of the winners which truly caught our attention!

Native New York

The winner of the 2022 DIZZIE Award in the category Educational environments was the Native New York project. Designed for all visitors, this project was essentially a 400-mile path across five centuries, featuring the history of New York. Welcome to all who wished to see its story, the Native New York exhibit featured twelve stops which provided an insight into history and common myths presented through interactive media. 

The Orbit Retail Experience

The winner of the 2022 DIZZIE Award in the category Experiential Design & Planning, “The Orbit” experience accesses HBO Max’s content library and digs up content based on a few simple spoken words, or even when a customer moves their body in a particular way. Although available through web and mobile versions, the physical experience truly appears to be one of a kind!

Resorts World Las Vegas

The winner of the 2022 DIZZIE Award in the Hospitality category and the winner of the Digital Signage Content of the Year Award, Resorts World Las Vegas used show capsules which worked simultaneously across the 100,000 square feet of multimedia LED displays. Indeed, with a combination of unique visuals and original music, the visual experience is truly breathtaking. It looked stunning up close or from afar. This technical innovation delivered optical illusions embedded with meaningful narratives and themes.

AT&T Discovery District

The winner of the 2022 DIZZIE Award in the Public Spaces category and the winner of the Digital Signage Experience of the Year Award, the AT&T Discovery District project was designed to reflect the mood of the community. A 104 feet media wall connects to several other interactive visual elements in the district. This enabled activation of individual elements and pushing them to act together. As a result, it transformed the district into a unique visual eco-system. It looked really stunning and also provided a canvas for storytelling and highlighting important topics of the community such as solar energy and space exploration.

Worre Studios Las Vegas

The 2022 DIZZIE Award in the Venues category went to Worre Studios Las Vegas. Worre Studios launched a groundbreaking interactive facility for hybrid events. This multi-million dollar interactive studio was built in two months. It hosted 30,000 people from across the globe and brought them together through digital technology. Furthermore, through the combination of video and audio equipment, simultaneous translation into nine languages, and quite a bit of organizational effort, presenters and hosts can interact with up to a quarter of a million of attendees in real-time.

Of course, it’s very exciting to see how these installations continue to push the boundaries of creativity and tech. DSE director of event programs, David Drain, noted that “our industry is continuously evolving and we were in awe with the latest and greatest digital and interactive displays that were submitted to our awards program.”

With the continual progress, we eagerly anticipate next year’s awards and the tech innovations coming with it. Be sure to check out the full list of DIZZIE winners across all categories for 2022.