Everything You Need To Know About DSE 2022


Aiming to deliver the “ultimate combination of networking and education for the digital signage industry,” DSE 2022 is very likely to meet the many expectations and hype which has been building for almost a year! With more than 50 speakers across dozens of sessions, DSE will offer many opportunities for education and access to the latest and most valuable information in the industry. These sessions will focus on content, DOOH, public spaces, restaurants, retail, strategy, and technology.

The Digital Signage Experience 2022 will take place from November 17 – 19th, 2022, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. To register, check pricing and options on the official website.

Opportunities for education

DSE 2022 will offer many opportunities to expand your knowledge. In addition, see the latest the digital signage world has to offer. A variety of events, tours, and courses stand at your disposal, with many speakers from all corners of the world. For a start, the Digital Signage Installation Tour will walk you through the latest digital signage installations in Las Vegas. Given its steady rise, programmatic Digital Out-of-Home will be an important topic of discussion.

DSE 2022 banner

You will find events focusing on individual industries, such as the Restaurant Roundup, which will discuss today’s winning trends, technologies, and tactics in the competitive restaurant space.

For more learning opportunities, take a look at the full DSE 2022 agenda to find the events which suit you the best!

Networking and building relationships

DSE 2022 is the perfect opportunity to meet and engage with people in the industry. There are plenty of events tailored precisely for this purpose, such as the aforementioned Digital Signage Installation Tour.

Sixteen:Nine has been hosting a big networking event on DSE trade shows for many years. This year is no different! The Sixteen:Nine mixer starts early to allow people to meet with colleagues or clients elsewhere. It’s an excellent opportunity for discussions and networking with industry experts. In this instance, it serves us only as an example of an awesome networking event since it’s already completely sold out! Thus, take this as a heads up for future instances of DSE to start early and plan your exploration of the event in time. As for this year, don’t fret! There will be plenty of other networking opportunities throughout the days of the Digital Signage Experience 2022.

The DIZZIE Awards

Another exciting event to look forward to are the Digital Signage Experience (DIZZIE) Awards 2022. The DIZZIE Awards are dedicated to digital signage installations and campaigns which drive the industry forward and challenge existing standards. The finalists have already been announced, ranging across 12 categories, including Corporate Environments, Entertainment & Recreation, and Healthcare. To get a taste of what an deserving finalist looks like, below is one of the finalists in the hospitality category.

The Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall will be available throughout the whole expo from November 17 – 19th. It will offer a truly immersive experience, featuring hundreds of manufacturers, integrators, and tech providers. Furthermore, if you’re up for exploring the latest in digital signage tech, or you want to build partnerships with other businesses, this is the place to be. DSE is an excellent opportunity for exhibitors as well since, according to DSE info, 74% of attendees have purchasing authority.

Take a look at who’s attending and begin planning your visit by perusing the full exhibitor list. Furthermore, access the layout of the event for a clearer pathway.

DSE co-location events

Digital Signage Experience announced a new strategy to engage with the global digital signage community. This approach involves LDI and XLIVE, two large Questex events co-located with DSE 2022. 

LDI (Live DEsign International) is a trade show and conference focusing more on the entertainment/production technology market. XLIVE is part of LDI, aimed at finding solutions in event technology to digitally transform experiences. These two events are not merging with DSE. But by holding them at the same time, the goal is to take advantage of their synergy. As a result of this, attendees can visit all three show exhibit spaces. Note that all DSE attendees will have full access to activities on the LDI and XLIVE exhibit floor at no extra cost.

DSE 2022 is just around the corner! So if you’re looking to register, be sure to visit the official Digital Signage Experience website to prepare and get the answers to all your questions. Meanwhile, if not, we’ll be sure to cover some of the more exciting bits from the event in the next Digital Signage News post here on our blog.