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4 Ways to Make Your Digital Signage More Exciting!

Managing digital signage campaigns well requires a lot of content creation tools and abilities. Tweaking the way you create content for your displays just a bit makes an even bigger difference! Below you’ll find the smallest of steps to make the largest of impacts on your content and bring exciting digital signage as a result! Adjust your already existing content, divide it into two main types to balance them appropriately, and elevate all of your content—especially the simpler campaigns which are often neglected. 

Improve your font game!

Text is the lifeblood of any signage, but creators often overlook it in terms of style and appearance. Some leave it too simple, while others make it too busy. Words are important, yes. But there is equal weight in the way you deliver them. Using the right font and the correct balance of complexity and color variety will make your digital signage richer.

If you haven’t given much thought to fonts when you created your currently running campaigns, now would be a good time to review them and see if there is any room for improvement. Fortunately for you, we’ve talked about fonts in detail! See if you’ve perhaps oversimplified your font usage, or if you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and made them too busy and complicated! Analyze the contrast between your text and its background. We also included several good places to go digging for free fonts which might help you spread your message better! 

Balance primary and secondary content

The greatest division in your digital signage divides it into content intended purely for profit, and content intended to achieve a secondary goal. Primary digital signage content would be digital menu boards, wayfinding displays, and self-service kiosks. Meanwhile, secondary digital signage content includes interactive games and gamified content, YouTube playlists, cartoons, local points of interest, and news, to name just a few. 


Balancing these content types is key not only to have engaging diverse content, but also to achieve your business goals in the long run. By maintaining this balance, you can both entertain and interest the consumer in your displays. It’s an opportunity to communicate about your business and the quality offers you have for them. By maintaining a balance, your content isn’t naggy and forceful, but rather engaging and inviting. 

Read more about the division, including specific examples of the classification to see how to  incorporate primary and secondary content types into your own campaigns. Chances are you’re already using plenty of content from both of these categories. Now that you’re able to identify them, you will balance them accurately and make your digital signage more exciting and effective at the same time!

Discover new sources of visual content

Content creators with years of experience on their belt know what it feels like to invest a lot of time into a piece of content only to see it fall flat. Creating new content and starting over is the most common task for a good content creator.

As you create more campaigns, you’ll develop the ability to whip up campaigns in a jiffy! For that, it is vital that you have good sources of visual content. Stock photos and videos are an excellent visual base for most campaigns. A coffee shop can offer a discount for its breakfast items by pulling up an image of a coffee machine pouring fresh coffee and overlay it with a custom offer. You don’t need to overproduce all campaigns with 10+ hours of custom work in them. Stock content will elevate your “ordinary” campaigns which you don’t expect to be the greatest viral campaigns in the world. This way, you will breathe life into all of your content and elevate it, improving the overall perception of the consumer.

Use the right apps!

Digital signage software offers a lot more than the ability to schedule content. To create exciting digital signage and use it to its full potential, apps are a must!

Regardless of your goals, there are so many apps at your disposal that you’ll surely find several to fit your content like a glove. One example are ready-to-use channels which provide fun facts in different categories. News and social media feeds, weather apps, are also particularly useful. Use clock apps, apps for countdowns, finance, sports, and even develop custom apps!

One of the latest OnSign TV apps is the integration of Taggbox which delivers user-generated content to your displays. OnSign TV deploys new digital signage apps all the time. So check in frequently to see which new apps are available. And if you’re not using OnSign TV, try all of the apps out for free!


Aks Kojic
Aks has been a writer in the digital signage world for over 5 years, bringing you the best of cases and news this industry has to show. Thoughts or suggestions on topics you'd like to see? Drop him an email at aks@onsign.tv.


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