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8 Apps to Quickly Fill Your Content Rotation

Did you know that OnSign TV currently has more than 150 apps for dynamic content creation available? And we’re constantly rolling out new ones. Of course, it is impossible or at least highly unlikely you use all of them, but it’s important to know which apps hold the greatest value for you. In an attempt to get you to fully utilize the tools at your disposal, in this post we’ll specifically focus on apps you can use to quickly fill up any gaps in your content rotation.

These apps are great ways to entertain and engage your audience. While they may be viewed as fillers by some, they are by no means low in quality, nor should they be neglected for other uses. In case your content rotation changes often and you want to have stable content to fall back on, you can set apps like these as your fallback loop. This means they will appear on your displays only when there is no other content showing.

1. Fun Facts

OnSign TV fun facts section

Let’s begin with the Entertainment section of OnSign TV apps. Here you will find various ways to entertain your viewers. For a start, we have apps built around fun facts, which are a high-quality source of content. Currently, you may choose from the following fun fact apps: 

  • Animal facts
  • Travel facts
  • Health facts
  • Science facts
  • Sports facts (Basketball, Baseball, American Football, Cricket, Rugby, Ice Hockey, and Volleyball)
  • Today in History

We packed these apps with lots of informative pieces, so your viewers will not see the same fact twice in a long time. We also tried to make the facts genuinely exciting and interesting to anyone who sees them! Below is a quick preview of the Animal Facts app. Determine which of these categories would be the best source of entertainment for your audience and incorporate them into your content rotation!

In the entertainment section you also find apps for quizzes. Inspirational quotes may be of use, if you find your audience will respond to this kind of content.

2. Cafeteria App

OnSign TV Menu Boards & Tables app section

The Menu Boards & Tables section of apps offers many great ways to feature products and offers. A versatile tool, the Cafeteria App is a great way to present offers or programs which change throughout the week, or throughout the day. Even if you have a detailed menu in place, the Cafeteria App can be of use to highlight daily specials, event programs, or schedules. Check out our Expert Tips video for example uses as well as the setup tutorial.

3. Sales Apps

In the same section, there are currently three main sales apps you can use. The Sales Grid features multiple products at once, as you can see below. This is a sleek way to present best deals or discounted items throughout your content rotation. Meanwhile, both the Simple and Modern Sales Apps showcase one item at a time. 

Preview of the sales apps

Use these not only for discounts or special deals, but to simply highlight new arrivals or to push sales of seasonal items which your customers look for in a given season.

4. News and RSS Feed Apps

OnSign TV News and RSS Feeds app section

The News & RSS Feeds section offers many ways to present news and information tailored to your audience. We won’t go over each individual app in this section, as there are many to choose from by style. For example, you can deliver news through your own data feed which you built or extracted from a source. Or simply set up an RSS feed and have the content update on its own. 

In case you want to filter data from an RSS feed—for example, you want to eliminate a specific topic—simply create a data feed by using an RSS feed as a source, then set up filters to eliminate all articles which contain the keyword you don’t want to appear in your content rotation.

5. Social Media Apps

OnSign TV Social Networks app section

Social media is a treasure trove of content. There’s so much user-generated content waiting for you and OnSign TV holds more than a dozen apps available in this section. You can display content from Facebook and Instagram in more ways than one. Feature individual posts or have them composed in a grid. The grid option is perhaps best for Instagram, since it’s just images. You can also share Twitter posts, or build social media walls if you’re a user of Taggbox or Walls.io.

Preview of OnSign TV social media apps

By integrating your social media account into your OnSign TV account, you can quickly stream content from your profiles to your displays. Two birds with one stone!

6. Weather Apps

OnSign TV Weather app section

Always a good topic to talk about, weather is a great content filler. If weather is a big deal—at airports, bus/train stations, or areas with volatile weather—there are plenty of apps to choose from in the weather section. 

Preview of the Weather app

Everything you think about has been covered here. Feature single-day weather, multi-day scrollers, as well as weather in multiple locations at once. Furthermore, most of our weather apps can be squeezed into a corner of the display so you can simultaneously play other content.

7. Testimonials App

OnSign TV Office apps section

The Office section gathers apps for content that’s unique to your institution. One of these is the Testimonials App. Collect testimonials from your customers and build a data feed with them. This app is a perfect tool to use reviews of your business and display them in a neatly organized way!

8. Employee Apps

The Office section also offers ways to give a face to your company. You can feature the employee of the month and welcome new employees. These apps are a great way to use internally, but you may also find them useful for your external audience. Introduces your team members in a few short lines, featuring a short description and a photo for each one of them. This app is particularly useful in businesses where the staff has a close relationship to customers, a gym or creative agency, for example.

Preview of the Employee apps

These and many more apps enrich your digital signage content! In case you’re not a user of OnSign TV yet, feel free to take all of our apps for a spin with a free 14-day trial!

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