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5 engaging digital signage uses

If you’re looking for engaging ways to utilize your digital signs and grab the attention of your audience in the blink of an eye, look no further. In this article, we’ll cover engaging digital signage uses you should consider, some of which require more effort than the others, and some which can easily be done with unique features your brand already owns.

1. Audiovisual advertising

The subject of audio in digital signage installations is frequently mentioned, and in most instances is not recommended. Thus, you may have thought it’s better to simply not bother with audio since it’s not a mandatory addition. However, let’s see the opposite side of the coin and see why audio is one of the better digital signage uses.

One great example of the audio/visual combination is the Whispering Window which transforms large windows and advertising displays into speakers. It allows delivery of music, sound/visual effects and promotional messages in an engaging way.

Deploying audio with your digital signage solution can be a success if you follow these guidelines:

  • Don’t rely on sound to carry the message. In case the audio fails, isn’t loud enough or the viewer can’t clearly understand it, both your visual and audio content will fail.
  • Audio should complement the video. It should enhance the visual message and not be any different from it.
  • Closed captioning should only be used in specific situations, in case you fear your content may come off as confusing. However, if extensive captioning is required, you should take it as a sign to simplify your message.

Audio can be one of the trickier digital signage uses, and you may wonder if it will even be beneficial in the end.

“Yes, there is absolutely a trend toward audio in digital signage,” said Lance Glasser, President and CEO of AudioEverywhere. “Of course children should be ‘seen and not heard’ until they learn proper manners. With Digital Signage the concept is similar. When it was a new technology, audio received a bad reputation because it would drive those in stores crazy listening to the same messaging repeatedly.

It makes you wonder if perhaps one of the unlikely consequences of repetitive audio could be employees sabotaging the sound system to protect their sanity.

2. Making full use of facial recognition

Facial recognition with its general improvement has become more frequent in digital signage. It can be used to collect information about your audience, analysing their facial features and helping you identify your ideal target audience. However, aside from the analytical side of this feature, there is perhaps a more entertaining use: taking selfies!

Digital displays like this one engage customers in a fun activity by automatically snapping their picture, adding appropriate effects, and allow the user to access the image and share it on their social media. This is one of the more amusing digital signage uses which can engage your audience and raise brand awareness in the process. These special uses typically come at certain times of the year, Christmas for example, when engagement is likely to be higher. Thus, it demonstrates it matters to roll these novel ideas out just at the right time.

3. Using voice recognition to engage

Voice recognition has come a long way from showing you pictures of spaghetti when you ask to see the Serengeti; it can now be successfully used as a digital signage addition.

Voice recognition can be used to trigger specific ads, games or content in order to engage the audience. In this particular example, a sensor picks up motion and triggers a message for people walking past the display. If a person responds, the display shows specific automated content to the viewer. One of the more sophisticated digital signage uses, but very engaging and interesting as well.

4. Simple messages with a twist

Who says you have to invest in brand new technology to gain access to engaging digital signage uses? For this one, all you need is a vocabulary and a sense of humor. Depending on your brand, perhaps you can do something similar to Spotify, one of the most successful music, podcast and video stream services, and post funny and entertaining messages for your audience. Spotify did several more messages of this type across their digital and standard signage billboards, making sure to attract and keep the attention of as many viewers as possible.

Digital signage uses : Spotify

You can hardly go wrong with humor, thus sharing messages like these is a sure way to get people talking and sharing what they’ve seen.

5. Create unique brand-related content

There are many hilarious and innovative examples of digital signage uses certain brands have done, but what makes those uses unique is the brand itself. The Spotify example above makes sense because it is directly related to the brand. You can do something similar tied to your own brand, and it doesn’t have to involve flashy facial or voice recognition. Instead, you can rely on something unique about your own brand and create an entertaining collection of messages that make sense.

We talk so much about how the digital world can move an audience and provoke a response, but your efforts don’t always have to be digital and they can influence the real world as long as they’re well executed and unique.  


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