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Programmatic OOH in 2022, Privacy-based Changes May Benefit OOH, and more!

So far so good with another month of the year behind us and the pandemic numbers gradually receding. Let’s hope even greater things await us in the coming months. We heard great news this month, starting off with impressive industry stats for January 2022. Furthermore, while targeted online ads face challenges from upcoming privacy-oriented changes, outdoor advertising eagerly awaits them. Also, will 2022 be the year for programmatic OOH? Here’s what else February had in store! 

A horrifying OOH ad

An extraordinary piece of outdoor advertising popped up in Bangkok this month, created by Netflix Thailand. It is possible you may have stumbled across it as it caught quite some attention online. The ad featured a modified cube truck looking like a school bus, yet with a ghastly scene straight out of a horror series. 

Snapshot of the "All of Us Are Dead" campaign

The series in question is “All Of Us Are Dead” from Korea. The “bus” features zombies and people fleeing from them. When the bus suddenly comes to a stop, live actors jump out. On one hand, it certainly is an impressive visual sight and impossible for anyone to ignore. On the other, such advertising methods become a problem when people get startled and potentially upset. In many hypothetical scenarios, content like this may lead people to be distracted long enough to stumble, trip, or even get into serious accidents. 

Privacy-focused changes may benefit Out-of-Home

As industry giants such as Facebook and Apple push privacy-based changes, they become a challenge for targeted online ads. The inevitable loss of third-party cookies is also looming on the horizon. The issue of privacy comes into the spotlight every day. This might turn into a beneficial factor for outdoor advertising as it’s yet another field where OOH dominates over online ads, among other ad channels. Remember, OOH doesn’t interfere with individual privacy. And yet, it offers access to the desired audience without any individual tracking. 

Several other factors are helping the outdoor advertising industry to further strengthen. Programmatic OOH is bound to become a huge success in the future. Suddenly, the world is paying attention to outdoor ads more than ever before, thanks to the pandemic. 

Will programmatic OOH flourish in 2022?

One of these years is bound to be the breakthrough of programmatic digital signage, but will 2022 be that year, or is it still warming up? We’ve talked about programmatic a while back. If the term is new to you, you can learn more about it here. Since then, the world has significantly adopted the concept of Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (prDOOH/pDOOH). Here’s a quick rundown based on the most recent info! 

According to a VIOOH study for 2021, 66% of US agency and ad executives claimed they worked on deploying DOOH within the past 12 months; the majority of them did so programmatically. Another source from October 2021, the DPAA Thought Leadership Study, indicated that two thirds of media decision-makers deployed new DOOH campaigns within 18 months, and they also did it through programmatic OOH. 

Lastly, 77% of advertisers worked on increasing their knowledge surrounding DOOH within those 18 months. In conclusion, the indications are there that advertisers are increasingly interested in digital signage as well as its programmatic power. There is no question its adoption will match its growth. Programmatic OOH in 2022 will also reap the benefit of having low barriers to entry, as well as a cookie-less future that awaits.

A great month for OOH!

For a brief update on industry recovery, we turn to a recent SMI report on the ad market for January. The numbers are quite encouraging, in particular for the Out-of-Home sector. Overall ad spend for January 2022 has grown 19% year-on-year and has hit a new record high for the month. Out of Home continues its rise with a spike of 133% in January. According to the report, the high is near the peak levels for the month of January, not seen since 2017. 

Preview of media investments by the month

In comparison to other media types, Out-of-Home advertising continues to push the boundaries, in particular over radio, magazines, and newspapers. Read the full report for more info!

The perfect tool for daily offers

Lastly, a piece of news from our own corner of the internet: OnSign TV rolled out a brand new app ideal for menus as well as schedules which change throughout the week. Our new Cafeteria App is a simple way to list off menu items specific to days of the week and various times of day. As you’ll see in the video below, it features three main columns for every day of the week: each with a title, subtitle, and a list of contents. While the name of the app may suggest otherwise, it is by no means restricted only for use in cafeterias.

Use this app to show available staff members: ideal for a clinic, a hair salon, or internally for the various shifts in a store. Maybe deploy event schedules at a conference, for example the list of workshops for the day. You can present the class schedule at a gym, yoga studio, or a health club. Get creative and find the perfect use for this app in your own content rotation.

In case you’re not a user of OnSign TV, try it out for free!

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