InfoComm 2024 recap, Selling OOH to Small Businesses, and more!


June was an exciting month for digital signage. We got an influx of new tech and highlights from InfoComm 2024. We’ll tell you all about it below! In other news, McDonald’s tried its hands at testing with AI for a few years yet is now taking a break from it. Another exciting bit, this month marks the first programmatic purchase of a 3D digital ad.

McDonald’s takes a small break from AI

Since 2021, McDonald’s ran AI-based testing across around 100 of their locations. The idea was to simplify and speed up the food ordering process through voice-activation. While McDonald’s labels it a success, they claim there is an opportunity to explore voice ordering solutions more broadly. 

“After thoughtful review, McDonald’s has decided to end our current partnership with IBM on AOT. … IBM remains a trusted partner and we will continue to utilize many of their other products across our system,” said Mason Smoot, senior vice president and chief restaurant officer for McDonald’s U.S. 

Although they cite the experience as a success, there has been some speculation on that matter. For instance, some sources noted AI having issues with accents and dialects, affecting order accuracy. AI is still in its infancy. There is much improvement to be done. Still, McDonald’s did state they’re looking to apply AI solutions more broadly. This could have been merely one step on the way to that goal.

InfoComm 2024 Recap

Among the many exciting events this month, InfoComm 2024 certainly stood out! OnSign TV attended the show with a booth and we can say it was a marvelous experience! There was much to see on the exhibit floor. It’s also always great to meet new faces and build on existing partnerships. We eagerly look forward to what the event will bring in 2025!

As for 2024, invidis magazine compiled a few highlights from this year’s InfoComm. Firstly, Google announced that new Android developments, such as AI, will be integrated into ChromeOS. Android is a big part of the digital signage industry so this is exciting news. 

InfoComm 2024: Chrome OS and Android

Up next, Samsung unveiled more details about their new ecosystem for B2B, SmartThings Pro. It will allow many standard consumer sensors (temperature, movement, light, etc.) to be more effectively integrated in digital signage. Samsung also introduced their own e-paper displays. It took them a bit longer than expected, but better late than never. Check out more highlights!

As for attendance numbers, InfoComm 2024 set a post-COVID record with a 3% increase compared to last year. While attendee figures for the last pre-pandemic show in 2019 are unavailable, the number of registrants this year was 36,967, well below the 44,219 from 2019.

An excellent example of 3D advertising!

This month, commuters and passers-by at King’s Cross and Waterloo London Underground stations may encounter a 3D ad for mineral water on their descent on the escalator. This campaign marks the first time a 3D Digital Out-of-Home campaign has been bought programmatically and activated! 

It’s a rather simple ad, next to all the 3D ads we’ve encountered in the past. It’s not overly groundbreaking in its visuals. The product is in the spotlight and the message is clear. The most important part of 3D ads is the positioning. With other 3D ads we’ve come across, there are various viewing angles, with one particular position working the best. In this instance being directed at the commuters going down the escalator, it’s cleverly done because everyone passing through will see the 3D ad as it was intended! 

What OOH companies need to know about small businesses

Billboard Insider is known for their articles about selling Out-of-Home ad space and getting in tune with buyers. This month, they ran a piece with additional insights for sellers of OOH space aiming specifically for small businesses.

On the top of the list of things to know is affordability. Small businesses typically don’t have huge budgets for advertising of this sort. Up next on the list is understanding the identity of a business. In itself, this is a must-have if you plan on building long-term relationships. If you know what the business is about, you can ensure your partnership is a mutual success. Providing accurate measurements is another vital ingredient. Not only does it help small businesses adapt, it also makes them feel at ease at being able to project the impact of their advertising and the end ROI. Read more about it on Billboard Insider, and be sure to check out their website for more guidelines, if you’re looking to become better at selling OOH!

“How do I create a vibe with digital signage?”

This month on the OnSign TV blog, we focused on case-specific uses of digital signage. For a start, we covered using digital signage in bars and pubs. These are places where people come to relax and put their feet up. With that in mind, one can’t help but wonder if digital signage even belongs in these places. The answer is, indeed, yes! But it only works if done with care. 

On a similar topic, this month we talked about setting up the perfect vibe in any environment via digital signage. Lastly, we rounded up some more methods and tips on quick messaging through digital signage, to ensure your message gets across in the blink of an eye!

Cover image by Raimond Klavins.