Digital Signage Trends to Watch in 2024


The biggest trends are relatively easy to predict. Social media will grow, AI will develop further, and digital signage will generate more profit! Oh, and new eco-friendly solutions will emerge. Now that we’ve covered the main digital signage trends in 2024, let’s take a look at a few more specific trends which are on an upwards trajectory. For instance, it’s obvious that AI will grow, but how will it impact our industry and the way we create and manage content? What new opportunities will emerge, and at what point will they become the norm? Let’s take a look!

AI-generated content

If 2023 has been a year of anything, it’s AI-generated content. It felt like every day there was a new update to popular AI engines, alongside new alternatives emerging all the time. As AI-generation becomes more sophisticated, it becomes more reliable. With that, it’s inevitable that content creators in all sectors will use it to cut corners and utilize AI-generated content wherever they can. Even if it is just to avoid copyrights.

This will surely apply to the Out-of-Home world. Creators can already use AI to generate plenty of fresh visuals to enhance their content. This solves the issue of repetitive visuals and stale content. At this point, creators still need to invest time into generating and organizing it.

AI-based engagement and software

The topic of AI is bound to go beyond content generation. It’s likely we’ll see it spread into other realms. Customer support, for instance, is already one field where AI is used to respond to easy user inquiries. As engagement via AI becomes more common, it’s likely we’ll see it in digital signage, as well. 

This can be an excellent use for information terminals. Digital signage owners won’t need to manually construct databases and answers. Instead, AI can answer their questions on the spot. What’s most fascinating about the trend of AI is that it’s quick. Unlike other trends which slowly shape themselves over the years, AI is growing rapidly. We can safely say our perspective on this matter will have evolved significantly a year from now. It’s exciting to think about what it will be like at the end of 2024.

Creative installations

Digital signage is evolving beyond its primary purpose of providing information. For years, we’ve seen creative uses of digital signage to appeal to audiences. The MSG Sphere which was released in November of 2023 is an excellent example. While it makes its bread and butter from advertising and spreading information, its success lies in the creative way it made its mark on the world. Regarding digital signage trends in 2024, it’s certain we’ll see more creative ways digital signage reaches its audiences. This can refer to new ways of engagement, 3D installations, or uniquely interactive campaigns.

Of course, it’s likely we’ll see this from brands with bigger budgets, given the size such campaigns need to have to capture attention. With AI in play, it’s easier than ever to take input from consumers and transform it into something amazing. Perhaps we’ll see it become more applicable on the smaller scale, too.

Remote access

The future is touchless and remote, made evident by the aftermath of the pandemic. If the consumer could have it, they would manage every aspect of their business from their smartphone. In terms of digital signage, this is already a possibility. With OnSign TV, for example, you can remote control your displayed content regardless of location.
Progressively, this capability becomes more common to the point where it’s expected.

Better Social Media Integration 

Social media is going strong and pushes boundaries each year. At this point, it’s redundant to even list social media growth as a trend. It’s safe to say it’s no longer a trend but a normal part of business.

Within the Out-of-Home world, we already have ways of integrating social media with digital signage. As the Out-of-Home world tries its best to take up a bigger chunk of ad spend, new possibilities will most certainly emerge. In the year ahead, it’s likely software as well as creators will seek out new ways of bridging the gap between the two more effectively.

Digital Signage industry breakthrough 

Towards the end of 2023, experts in the Out-of-Home world cast a bit of light on the problem the industry faced in terms of ad spend. Namely, for some time now it appears to struggle to break beyond a certain percentage of global ad spend. In a nutshell, it feels like it’s stuck. Some experts speculated this is because the industry doesn’t offer an intuitive way for individuals to set foot into it. It takes time to learn the ropes and see the potential. Furthermore, it feels as though everyone in the industry follows their own path and strategies, not truly setting a main way for newcomers to follow. 

While digital signage trends in 2024 might not make the biggest splash in history, they will certainly bring further growth and help the industry wiggle its way forward. It remains to be seen if it gets “unstuck” from its current position in ad spend. It will be exciting to review this by the year’s end.

Cover image by Joshua Chun.