Why Digital Signage is Important in 2024!


The world is moving faster than ever, with ad spending rising, AI giving us new possibilities every day, and the potential of digital signage being greater than ever! A few year’s back we might have said that digital signage would be a valuable asset to your business. A perfect addition to your content-creation toolbox! But at this moment in time, things are quite different. In fact, it is pretty much a guarantee that if you’re a business with a storefront, utilizing digital signage is a must. If most of your business takes place in a physical store, it is a must! Otherwise, you pretty much willingly lag behind everyone else. 

With that summary out of the way, let’s examine some of the benefits most important to businesses in 2024, and how digital signage can help!


With the way things are in the current economy, cost-effective solutions have never been more important. That’s why this particular topic is at the very top of this article! Not so many years ago, one of the main benefits of digital signage consistently repeated everywhere was the fact that it’s a paperless medium. This cost-effective benefit still stands, of course, but it has evolved way beyond that by now! 

Printing costs and energy efficiency aside, digital signage brings benefits making the content itself more effective. Thus, cost-effectiveness rises in new realms you never considered before. For example, the tools and methods of creating content are easier and faster. There is no need to hire outside help to make most content types as you can make them yourself in seconds. Through features like our Health Check, errors are quickly spotted and fixed. There are many other benefits which cut costs you’d otherwise have. One of them is the capability to remote control your displays from anywhere as if you were in front of them. Digital signage software is easily the biggest factor making digital signage as a whole so important in 2024!


From a technical perspective, the main advantage of digital signage is its ability to neatly communicate large quantities of information. Data is packaged neatly, sectioned up, and made into an appealing display. It does the job! But when we take a step back and look at the bigger picture, its ability to engage an audience becomes far more interesting to business owners.

Consumer engagement rises with the presence of digital signage. Content is more inviting, exciting, and fresh as opposed to static signage. Naturally, this happens only if you designed it well. The consumer aspect aside, employee engagement is also important to keep in mind. Digital signage helps foster a modern environment, recognize successes of employees, and aid in employee training. 

Brand visibility

The content and information is so important, businesses often forget to include branding elements in their digital signage content. Even if they do, they seldom do it properly and consistently. With digital signage software at the current state of development, it’s beyond effortless to incorporate custom content borders, animated logos, or even quick 5 second brand messages between your main content elements.

Consistent branding looks professional, and combined with aesthetically appealing content (consisting of quality information, of course), it gives you a real competitive edge over other businesses.


If you want your digital signage content in 2024 to be consistently successful, you must not neglect the importance of analytics. They are a vital factor in content creation as they paint a clear picture of which content works on engaging your audiences. Utilize digital signage to collect as much input as possible from your consumers. Interactivity is especially useful in this context. Then establish what they respond to.

The beauty of digital signage software truly shines here. Indeed, all benefits listed in this article become virtually unavailable if we take software out of the equation. But back on the topic of analytics, digital signage software can tell you how many times your content was successfully played. This can then tell you how much content and how many playbacks are needed to achieve desired results. Once you know this, you will more easily predict results in the future. This is a useful piece of knowledge to have, be it your own campaigns you’re running, or selling the advertising space to a third party. 

Customer experience and feedback

Closely connected to the topic of analytics, collecting feedback from consumers is a key ingredient towards success. This applies even beyond the scope of digital signage. Rarely any business hits the nail directly on the head without some returning information from a focus group or the consumer themselves.

With digital signage, you can incorporate interactivity and collect feedback on the spot. Or, if interactivity is not something available to you at the moment, you may direct users online to provide feedback or give a rating with a QR-code.

As you collect data and make adjustments, the customer experience grows. In fact, the benefits digital signage brings to the customer experience are so many, it would be easier to check out an entire article we’ve written on that topic!


With the growth of your business, the growth of your digital signage needs in 2024 will follow! You’ll need more displays and hire more people to manage and/or create the content. With digital signage content like OnSign TV, you can label, organize, and separate content, displays, and even employees to create a more organized environment. One excellent example we published recently is the ability to divide a screen in two parts, allowing only key users to separately manage one of them. Take a look!

Business growth

Digital signage in 2024 will be an exciting industry to observe. In recent years, we’ve seen the realm of Digital Out-of-Home advertising grow consistently. The global outdoor ad spend is expected to grow considerably by the year’s end, which tells you everything you need to know. 

It helps to deploy targeted marketing and event promotion, letting businesses find and reach their customers easier than ever before. Not to forget, with the rise of programmatic Out-of-Home, that’s only the beginning. Let’s not even talk about AI! Prepare for the year ahead by taking your digital signage game to a new level. These articles can further help:

If you still haven’t dipped your toes into digital signage software waters, what are you waiting for?

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