Out Of Home New York 2023, TV Medium Declining, and more!


Three quarters down and one to go! As we approach the end of 2023, marketers and researchers begin drawing comparisons to the previous year. One of them indicates that television might be slipping in popularity in the eyes of marketers. Apart from that, Out of Home New York is coming in October, so we’ll talk a bit about that. We also ran into some inspiring examples of digital signage campaigns, as well as a few guidelines. Let’s get into it!

Out of Home New York 2023

New York Digital Signage Week has been a fixture in the event calendar, taking place in New York since 2012. This year, however, its organizers thought it needed a refresh of some sort. They decided to change its name to better reflect the type of event. Now known as Out of Home New York, the eventful week is set to take place from October 9th to the 13th, 2023. The week will be the usual mix of paid and free events, with each day offering something unique. There will be an assortment of conferences, showcases, cocktails, open houses, breakfast debates, tours, and other activities. Furthermore, the DPAA Summit will take place as part of Out of Home New York 2023 as well.

In this link you’ll find more details on the schedule. Furthermore, you’ll find more information there if you’re looking to organize your own pop-up event during Out Of Home New York.

A Guide to New York Transit Advertising

Outfront recently published an article on advertising within the New York transit environment. This particular article highlights the ways and methods of advertising to travelers in metros and subways. For the regular small business, mass advertising in public transportation might not be affordable to this extent. However, as the article goes through various examples of advertising, and the motivations behind it, it provides inspiring examples of outdoor advertising and some applicable ideas!

For instance, according to Outfront’s research, 41% of commuters have scanned a subway ad, with every tenth doing so to make a purchase. Furthermore, subway interior advertising acts as a perfect example of utilizing the time commuters spend in one place. With long travel times, commuters will look for ways to kill time and avoid eye contact with fellow riders.

This shows the massive potential of high-traffic areas to pull in engagement and guide commuters online. Apart from utilizing potentially high-traffic areas they can access, it offers insight for businesses to seek out these opportunities and invest in outdoor advertising in such places.

Is television slipping from the top?

According to research from Kantar, a data, insights, and consulting company, television has slipped out of marketers’ top-ranked media channels in 2023. Placed third in 2022, it is now 12th. This data comes from Kantar’s fourth annual global Media Reactions report. Furthermore, their research showed that only 6% of marketers said they plan to increase their TV spend in 2024.

Jane Ostler, Kantar’s executive vice president and co-author of the Media Reactions 2023 report, said: “People have moved to subscribe to online streaming platforms, video streaming platforms, and so maybe [for] the darling of media, the high reach days are now starting to decline a little bit.”

It is safe to say that TV is still one of the most trusted mediums. However, consumer habits are simply shifting to others. Moreover, television might be a bit behind in terms of innovation, which acts as a contributing factor to its gradual decline. On the opposite end, video streaming, social media stories, news feeds, and online video are among the categories which saw the highest jumps in ad spend allocation in 2023, expected to continue in 2024.

High-end garage doors and digital signage

This month we had the pleasure of seeing a lovely example of digital signage use! It comes from a high-end custom garage doors company, Different Doors. They incorporated digital signage as part of their showroom experience.

Different Doors offers doors which integrate with the surrounding architectural style. They set up these interactive and engaging showrooms demonstrating the doors in action and they utilized digital signage to make the experience more impactful. At the very start, a display offers a warm welcome. The interior also has digital displays set up. Within the immersive lounge, a projector showcases door models, the production process, and everyone behind the brand.

This is a perfect example of simple digital signage utilized in a clever and well thought-out way!

The art of persuasion!

This week on the OnSign TV blog, we covered several topics from various angles of the digital signage world. First, we talked about the way digital signage influences consumer behavior. Right at the start, it attracts attention to itself. Then, through its power to share stories and convey emotions, it can really engage the person observing it.

We also talked about using digital signage for non-profit efforts. So many businesses want to get involved in initiatives, but it’s hard without dedicating a significant portion of time. With digital signage, businesses can incorporate non-profit content in their campaigns seamlessly alongside their main content. In the article we also covered digital signage uses for non-profit organizations themselves.

Lastly, we covered the technical part of digital signage and highlighted awesome uses for curved displays!

Cover image by Anna Keibalo.