The Art of Persuasion: How Digital Signage Influences Consumer Behavior


Every piece of content which appears on your digital signage channels transmits a message. Whether that’s the message you intend to send out or not is a very important thing to consider! A high quality ad without a call-to-action will not be as impactful as it could be. And unconvincing and poorly-written testimonials won’t do much to convince anyone to give your business a chance. We’ll dive into other examples which paint a picture on the way digital signage influences consumer behavior. With them in mind, your approach to constructing your next campaign will most certainly become more precise!


In a sea of traditional signage, digital signage sticks out and draws attention to itself. It increases the likelihood of getting noticed and broadcasting its message to the viewer. Furthermore, digital signage is often described as a component of a modern business, and that in itself attracts attention and produces positive association.

One exquisite advantage is the ability to adapt. Even in environments where digital signage is commonly used and there is not much traditional signage surrounding the display, through careful design and awareness of the surroundings, you possess the potential to stick out. Of course, the challenge is to find the right way, but digital signage can most certainly facilitate it once you do.

Storytelling and emotions

Digital signage can be an excellent conduit for storytelling as it offers a continuous way of delivering content and information. Whether through video, images, or short stories, it can deliver compelling narratives and relatable content.

Fashion brands tell stories of real people who have embraced body positivity and confidence through clothing choices. Charities share stories of individuals whose lives have been transformed as a result of charity and help from others. And even a small business can tell their story, their origins, or the story of the owners to build a stronger connection with the audience. This connection strengthens the interest of the consumer and impacts their loyalty as a customer. They become more open-minded to messaging you send their way.

Social proof

Due to their ability to quickly rotate content, digital displays can feature testimonials, feedback, and input from existing customers of a business. Real-time social media feeds are another powerful option, as are collaborations with influential brands or individuals. They’re quite easy to incorporate within your digital signage content. 

Overall, digital signage helps present these activities in a swift and inviting fashion. For example, you can incentivize our customers to give testimonials, then present the testimonials through sleek visual templates, highlighting the key elements of the testimonials to deliver the message.

Call-to-action and urgency 

The presence of a call-to-action is important in all marketing efforts, not just the ones conducted via digital signage. Clear and persuasive call-to-action encourages immediate decisions. Limited-time offers, urgent messages, and even countdowns create a sense of urgency which drive viewers to respond sooner rather than later.

Data-driven personalized content 

One of the main assets of digital signage is the speed of adaptation, as we noted earlier. This means that as soon as new information about the consumer base is available, content may be immediately updated. It becomes that much easier to produce and deliver highly-personalized content built around the buyer persona, their preferences, and their interests.

Furthermore, through consistent data analysis, you will fine-tune your approach and ensure message placement is as effective as can be. You’ll establish the best times of the week and even times of the day when your consumers respond the most. You’ll find which content drives them to act, what interests them, and what frustrates them.

Strategic placements affect consumer behavior

Location, location, location, as they say, makes all the difference! Beyond the walls of your business as well as within, identify key locations where precise messaging via digital signage affects consumer behavior. Storefront experiences the highest traffic and should thus transmit an appealing and inviting message to bring in new customers. Near products, consumers will seek out additional product information, pricing, and package deals. At the point of check-out, they’ll be most open to snatching surprise deals or joining loyalty programs.

As far as locations beyond your place of business are concerned, such as in the context of buying advertising space, seek out locations where your target audience is present. Don’t just settle for any location that’s high in traffic. It must be high in the right kind of traffic!

Customer journey enhancement 

From start to the end of the customer journey, digital signage only adds to the list of reasons why your consumers should return to the business. By incorporating precise digital signage content at various touch points along the customer journey, you will provide valuable info, product information, bring new experiences, lower perceived waiting times, and overall create a memorable experience for the customer.

As a result of all positive impacts provided, the bond with the consumers strengthens and customer loyalty increases! 

Consistency and brand identity

As a final note, all of the aforementioned points paint a picture of the attitude and approach of a business and how it approaches consumer behavior through digital signage. This, of course, is nothing compared to quality service and products! But it is very much worth noting. 

As your digital signage content remains fresh, consistent, and above all useful, the identity of your brand becomes stronger and more imprinted in the consumers’ minds. You build trust and familiarity, and that truly is the best long-term benefit you could hope to obtain! Digital signage software is your wingman on the journey to that goal, helping you create, organize, schedule, and publish everything with accuracy. Explore all the possibilities a digital signage software has to offer with OnSign TV!

Cover image by Victoriano Izquierdo.