Positivity in Pixels: Best Digital Signage Methods to Elevate Consumer Mood!


Positivity can be a driving force for extraordinary success. We’ve all had days when it feels impossible to find. We’ll go over a few simple ways to sprinkle a bit of positivity in your every-day digital signage and elevate consumer mood. You can include it as an occasional full-screen content element or simply devote a section of the display for this purpose. From simple ideas such as inspiring quotes to more complex topics such as local fundraisers, explore the possibilities and see which of these ideas is most appreciated by your audience.

Quality digital signage content

The unbeatable ingredient guaranteed to get your customers into a good mood is a pleasant digital display. We won’t dig into the rules of properly designing a digital sign here. But be mindful that it’s a must-have. Otherwise, everything mentioned below won’t be of much use, since it won’t be comfortable on the eyes. In short, aim for a digital display that’s visually appealing, comprehensible, well-sectioned, and engaging.

Inspiring quotes

There are literally countless quotes you can use to elevate consumer mood. They can be famous across the globe or you can come up with your own. With that in mind, quotes aren’t the main content piece that should take up an entire display. At least not at all the time. Consider to include quotes to show up sporadically in the corner of the display to give a small boost of positivity. Find them online or use digital signage software apps which will allow you to set up a rotating set of famous quotes in seconds.

Humorous content

Entertainment is always an easy and quick method to brighten up the day and elevate consumer mood. Take it a step further and create your own humorous content. If you’re active on social media, invite followers to join caption contests, answer fun questions, or share their favorite jokes. You can also share fun photos, punny promotions, blooper reels from promotional videos, or office antics. Sharing these fun moments from time to time on your digital signage will surely be a fun sight. It’s always more effective as it’s closer to the consumer than general funny content you find online.

We covered an article on TikTok and digital signage. In case you run fun promotional content there, consider posting it on your digital signage, too.

Positive stats and good news

Negativity is easy to find online. After all, it is the type of news that spreads the quickest. Instead, focus on the positive information and share statistics that inspire. For example, 2023 saw a major breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. According to the latest reports, more than 90% of the world’s population has access to electricity, compared to 2010 (84%). Also, the world’s largest solar farm was activated. You can be as specific or as general as you like. Perhaps collect positive information from your particular industry or something else that your customers will be excited to hear.

Encouraging challenges or fundraisers

A great way to tap into the local community and elevate consumer mood is focusing on ways to help those around you. Take part in local fundraisers, show the goal, the plans, and the progress which will engage the viewer. Highlight ways, from small to large, in which they can help or even invite them to join online challenges, to share a message, or post a photo using a hashtag.

Remember to always keep it positive. A common method is to use guilt to push people to act. While this can be a powerful way to provoke an action, it is always better to use optimism and a positive mindset to achieve a shared goal. Focus on the goals and the successes that have already been achieved, as well as the positive feeling we get from helping others.

Volunteering results and opportunities

Furthermore on the topic of helping the local community, take it a step further and venture into volunteering. Explore where these opportunities exist and share them. It also helps to share the experiences from other volunteers, alongside their achievements and successes.

Exciting testimonials or customer stories

Back on the business side of things, a way to boost your business success, as well as provide a note of positivity, can be achieved through sharing testimonials and your customers’ stories. Focus on the most important selling point your customers appreciate. For most businesses, customer service and efficiency are among the highest valued factors. You may even share stories from your angle. For example, if there was a particularly memorable experience with a customer, or a mishap in the office, it’s all a fun bit of content to share. As long as it’s positive, of course.

Use the Dynamic Composition to section up the display and share all these content elements in a timely fashion. Combined with content apps which are set up in seconds, the possibilities are truly endless. Try it all out now!

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