10 Exciting Holiday Digital Signage Uses for 2023!


Another December is coming up, and with it another holiday season! It’s an exciting time for content creators of any kind as new opportunities for engagement and fun emerge. In this article, we’ll cover a few holiday themed digital signage ideas for 2023. Some, you’ll find to be more fitting for your business than others. The best use cases are likely going to come to you after a few brainstorming sessions!

Holiday content unique to you

There are many splendid uses for holiday digital signage which are applicable to most businesses. But before delving into those, right at the beginning consider which fun uses apply specifically to your business! For gardeners, give winter care tips for plants. Educational or literary places can suggest holiday-themed books ideal for this time of year. The culinary field can give holiday recipe ideas. Any business focused on entertainment can suggest the latest movies shown in theaters, especially those most fitting for the holidays. 

Keep brainstorming and come up with your own unique uses to truly make your holiday digital signage shine! In the meantime, let’s go over other general uses for all businesses to consider. 

Gift-wrapping ideas

Compile visuals, either images or instructional videos, which feature creative gift-wrapping techniques and ideas. The complexity of the content can vary, depending on your audience. If you offer gift-wrapping, it’s also a great opportunity to include a little banner which states that you offer this service.

Furthermore, if you do offer gift-wrapping as a service, display some before and after pictures to show how it’s done.

DIY craft tutorials

Store-bought holiday decorations, wrapping, and gifts, will look stunning, especially on a bigger budget. But there is something special about doing it yourself. Perhaps it’s because the holidays are not as much an obligation but rather something we enjoy from the heart. While pricy decorations look stunning, the DIY edition offers something special with it. Handmade decorations, gifts, and wrapping all come with their own personality, something to talk about and, if the wrapping is particularly gruesome, something to laugh about!

Include DIY crafting tutorials within the recreational and entertaining section of your digital signage content. It shouldn’t necessarily be rocket science. Instead, look up fun yet simple decorations anyone can do. Every year, new ones emerge so it won’t be too difficult to find modern and creative content for your holiday digital signage in 2023. Include QR-codes viewers can scan to see them in more detail, or download a step by step guide to access when they are home.

Gift showcase

Consider which of the offers or products you have can be presented as stunning holiday gifts. Offering discounts on them during the holidays is one way to bring greater attention. 2 for 1 specials can make them go like hotcakes. Build gift sets or packages which collectively make a lovely holiday gift.

Gift showcases should start with your own offers and can then progressively extend to products from other businesses. Naturally, these shouldn’t be your direct competitors.

Holiday Recipes and Recipe Substitutions

Everyone makes something during the holidays, or at least tries to! If your audience falls under this category and is interested in cooking and baking tips, include some classic recipes and tips. You get extra points if your own products can be incorporated in these tips and recipes. Furthermore, include information on substituting key ingredients. It’s a fun bit of information, but it’s also useful when catering to dietary preferences and restrictions. For instance, did you know that most artificial sweeteners become bitter when exposed to heat? This small tip can end up saving someone’s cake! 

Compile a list of fun baking tips and build an engaging and fast-paced slideshow of content. Compile these tips in a spreadsheet and with OnSign TV you can build your own content channel that will load up the data and present it across your digital signage automatically without you needing to design each slide.

Live Santa Tracker

Santa trackers show the supposed whereabouts of Santa Claus in real time as he travels around the globe to deliver gifts to everyone. These trackers are an exciting way to engage children and families during the holiday season. One of the most known Santa trackers is the NORAD tracker which displays “live” information on Santa’s current location in the world. If you think this nay excite your viewers, be sure to include it sporadically alongside your content.

Do keep in mind that these trackers are mainly active during the holiday season, so be sure to check the official NORAD website or other websites of your choosing, before December starts!

Virtual fireplaces and decorations

After giving tips on decorations to your audience, be sure to apply them to yourself! If your setup allows for it, make full use of holiday digital signage in 2023 and create a cozy ambiance indoors. From snowfall, to reindeers and, of course, a cozy virtual fireplace with crackling sound effects.

Winter safety tips

It comes as no surprise that winter is cold in most parts of the world. There’s not an utmost need to pinpoint daily weather as a main content element. However, do keep an eye out on upcoming days where the cold reaches an extreme. Share safety tips if you deem them necessary. Snowfall and ice can be particularly tricky, so remind everyone to be careful and prepare for upcoming changes in weather which may become dangerous. Depending on the severity of the weather in your area, pinpoint tips on health, safety, vehicle maintenance, or even staying supplied with food and water in places which can experience severe blizzards.

Highlight local places or interest

There are plenty of family-friendly events coming up during the holidays. They come from businesses, big and small, as well as larger events at town centers. Keep everyone informed on what your city has to offer!

Additionally look into creating virtual shopping guides which promote local businesses and their holiday offerings. This encourages customers to shop locally and explore what new things emerged in their surroundings. It’s also a great opportunity to form connections with other businesses and build mutual partnerships.


Lastly, utilize countdowns to build excitement leading up to big holidays. The New Year is undoubtedly the biggest holiday people celebrate together, so start right away! Build a timer that ticks down the days leading up to the big event. With OnSign TV, you can simply choose a timer, customize it, and seamlessly include it in the corner of your display to tick down in the month of December.

OnSign TV’s Dynamic Composition will allow you to neatly organize content on your display. The vast number of apps will help you build content. Lastly, the Audio Loop will take care of festive holiday tunes. Explore these features, along with everything else OnSign TV has to offer, right away!

Cover image by Michelle.