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5 Awesome Advantages From Digital Signage Gamification

Time flies, and we are moving towards future faster than ever. Computers, screens and video games are now an elementary part of the lives of many people.

While our grandparents could comfortably do a repetitive job all day long, it is likely such a task would drive the average millennial to madness. They need change and crave entertainment and fun. Not only millennials appreciate entertainment, it appeals to other demographics as well. Every task is easier done when it feels like a video game. Let’s gamify!

What exactly is gamification, and in what ways does it impact our society? You will see a variety of environments which can be gamified and will likely recognize how you can gamify yourself. In the digital signage sphere, gamification is an excellent way to appeal to an audience, regardless if it consists of students, employees or customers.

What is gamification?

Millennials are among the people who best understand the positive force coming from entertainment and variety in daily activities. And gamification can bring exactly that: the application of game-playing elements within other, non-game activities.

This is a common new approach seen in learning, language learning for example. It can feel very dry and boring to study vocabulary or declinations. However, with elements like achievements or points introduced, a lot of people are more engaged to move to the next level.

Similarly, gamification can be applied to digital signage by inviting people to see the content through fun, playful elements. Let’s take a look at the most common benefits of using gamification through digital signage in various environments.

1. Gamification furthers learning of every kind

The vast majority of learners in the U.S. claim they would be more productive if learning at their job or institution was more game-like.

Who wouldn’t?

Especially since competition and play have become an elementary component of our lives. Using gamification in any learning environment promises to increase the attention to it. Digital signage has come further with interactivity, which is opportune as it makes merging with the gamification trend very easy.

Digital signage gamification is brought to good use in employee training, but it can also engage, educate and entertain consumers. Thus, utilizing gamification elements in your campaigns makes those campaigns more effective.

On the subject of gamification enhancing the learning experience, let’s take a look at the effects in the one place where learning is most prominent.  

2. Classroom engagement is greater

Most of us will agree, that we always were more attentive when our teacher switched up the traditional lecture with a game. Aiding gamification inside the classroom with digital signage can be an amazing path to improved learning. It can encourage creativity, problem-solving and draw the attention of every student. In fact, 70% of teachers saw an increase in student engagement once they started using educational video games. Gamification comes in many forms, and all of them are effective.

The school environment itself bears marks of gamification. For instance, a competitive aspect is present in school championships or even in the grading system. Visualisation which draws students in can be seen in experiments in chemistry or physics classes. Make something explode and students will look closely.

Digital signage gamification can put a spotlight on these appealing elements in an attempt to engage students and boost learning as a result.

3. Employee retention increases

Once school is finished and we get to choose what we do and drop what does not interest us, everything will be better, right? Not quite. Most workers view their job as just a job. It comes with quite a lot of loathed tasks itself.

Giving up one job and switching to another isn’t a difficult choice if presented with the opportunity. In fact, many employed U.S. citizens are already looking for new job opportunities. However, if employees feel their job is fulfilling and they feel engaged in the company’s success, they are less likely to switch.

Engagement is the key, especially with millennials. The younger form bonds a lot easier than older employees. If on top of that they feel a personal connection to the company, they will not be as quick to leave, even if a different position comes with better conditions.

Gamification is a highly effective way to increase employee engagement. When appropriate, it can provoke friendly competition between teams and workgroups. This is where digital signage can help quite a bit. Achievements, scores, statistics, and a valid reward at the end can be easily broadcast within a company during competitions. This type of gamification enhances the identity employees have with their teammates and with the company. Work, suddenly, is more interesting, personal and rewarding, which are the characteristics which the modern employee holds in as high a regard as he does his paycheck.  

4. Consumers are more interested in your message

Interactive digital signage engages customers and you can utilize it to incorporate gamification into campaigns. All around the world, digital signage campaigns containing video games are popping up, and they are quite successful.

Of course, they’re not just games. They entice the user to sign up for a newsletter, share a social media post, purchase a product, or perform another similar action. This is at the heart of gamification. Campaigns which aims to, for example, raise brand awareness, use playful elements to invite more people in.

We covered a fun example of gamified digital signage in last month’s digital signage news where Coca-Cola celebrated the FIFA World Cup through augmented reality.

5. It speaks to younger demographics

It’s 2018, and you really can’t say “oh those kids and their games” anymore, because those kids are now all grown up! People in their 20s, 30s and 40s enjoy video games, which is why gamification will have them look. However, take the even younger generation. Teenagers and millennials almost demand gamification!

While 60+ year olds just want to buy a pair of comfortable shoes in the shop, teenagers look for an entertaining and inspiring experience when they walk in through the door. This sounds a bit spoiled, but it works. Gamification then can help you inspire and entertain, and get you ahead of the competition as a result.

Much like digital signage itself, gamification can find a home in any industry.

When it comes to employees, it can enhance their involvement in the company. It can also boost their learning success. For the customer, it can interest, engage and educate them. This is especially important for youngsters as their demands are unique and always changing. Collectively, gamification provides an easier path to learning in any environment, also in the classroom. Gamification can be a beneficial part of digital signage campaigns.

Are you convinced yet?

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of gamified content, you should consider creating your own! You can do something major such as having your own digital signage game or widget developed. Or you can start simple and utilize what you have at your disposal in creative ways.

In a corporate environment, you can display the sales of different teams to provoke some friendly competition. In a restaurant or hotel, you can give discount codes for customers who provide feedback through on-site digital signage. You can also have them provide their email alongside the feedback, which enters them in a raffle to win some great prizes. With these examples in mind, you can surely see there are plenty of possibilities, and you don’t really need to invest a lot to create your own gamified content.

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